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Fate/Grand Order - Arthur Pendragon - Nendoroid #1051 - Saber, Prototype, Costume Dress: -White Rose- Ver. (Orange Rouge)Fate/Grand Order - Arthur Pendragon - Nendoroid #1051 - Saber, Prototype, Costume Dress: -White Rose- Ver. (Orange Rouge)

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Sales at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter are limited to 1500 pieces.

Orders via Good Smile Online Shop be placed between the 10th February 2019 (Sun) from 16:00JST until 26th February 2019 (Tue) at 12:00JST.

Please note that Wonder Festival Orders can not be combined with regular Good Smile Shop Orders.
They can only be combined with other Wonder Festival products however.


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Sad that this new Nendoroid + Alter's scale figure + GSC's scale figure + Aniplex's scale figure + the original Nendoroid still doesn't hold a candle to how much I spent trying to get this man in the game. T_T
2 mies. temu
*slides $20* someone please erase my memories so I can unsubscribe to Arthur he's making me lose so, so much cash asfasfasdd
2 mies. temu
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If anyone is wanting to sell or give up their pre-order please PM me :)
7 d. temu
Caved in and preordered him from nin nin game. Let’s see how that goes lmao

Edit: omg they shot up his price by almost 30 bucks. Good thing I ordered before that! A little annoyed shipping was 20 tho...
13 d. temu
Looking to pick up someone's preorder!
17 d. temu
Heheheheheh he arrived today
23 d. temu
Precious boy! Ordered him as soon as I woke up! :3
1 mies. temu
I really don't need another suit but god he's so freaking beautiful. Ordered him.

sigh, and now the wait. :')
1 mies. temu
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
He's the sweetest boy in the world. Those who ordered him, you guys won't regret it!!!
1 mies. temu
Okay, ordered! *_*
1 mies. temu
Aya-Kun (2 mies. temu) #48579037Opened up a GO for the WF items thread/16191 I'm from the UK but will ship anywhere in the world

Quick message to say still a couple of spots left if anyone wants him before I order later today
1 mies. temu
Just ordered with Snow Miku!
1 mies. temu
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