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Anybody else order him from Forbidden Planet? Mine has been despatched already despite not being released until the 7th of Sept (supposedly)... I ordered All Might (same release date) and he's still on PO so no idea what's happened there haha
2 l. temu
Oh my yes.
2 l. temu
where can i preorder him? D:
2 l. temu
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
where can I buy him? on amiami?
2 l. temu
me: I'm over pops. no more

Funko: heh no
2 l. temu
I squealed in delight when I saw him. He looks freaking awesome! And not an exclusive!!!
2 l. temu
Resiri A Special Snowflake
Say what you will about Funko, but at least their giving us what we deserve
It's not a fancy scale or a nendo, but I will goddamn take it XD
2 l. temu
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