Chobits - Chii - 1/7 (Hobby Max)
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1/7  H=390mm (15.21in, 1:1=2.73m)
Data wydania
07/10/2020 Jako Standard
¥12,778 zmień na USD
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In stock @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥19,490)
Brand New! => Chobits Chi [Hobby max]
~160.71 € / ~$190.03
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Looking to sell for 130 USD plus shipping. It's currently in my "private warehouse" at HLJ. They are shipping via DHL and FedEx only. PM if interested!
10 godz. temu
Snagged one from TOM when it restocked! Excited for Chi to ship, but a little worried about QC. Fingers crossed she makes it across the ocean okay.
18 godz. temu
I've paid for this figure since last year to NY and now that she is finally released I still have no news from them ;_;
22 godz. temu
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥17,547)

Brand New for ¥17,547
└ ✈ From Tokyo to your Home.
I keep waiting for NY to respond to the email I sent them and give me an explanation of why the figure is still unavailable ... I'm too tired of the same story always repeating ... After this, no more preorder with they.
1 d. temu
I finally got her today, after what felt like a hundred years of being stuck in customs...

Quality is obviously way better than a prize figure, but still not that great when I compare to my other figures from Kotobukiya, GSC or Alter.

As soon as I touched it, a big chip of black paint just... flaked off the base. Which is white, by the way. So very visible. Luckily it was on the back side which you wouldn't really angle the figure...
There's also some black paint smears on the glass of the lamp, which appears to be coated in dust particles (don't know if intentional or just bad quality control).
The hair isn't molded properly either and paint job is pretty standard.
Also, if you're weak to strong scents, be prepared, because it absolutely reeks. Worst smelling figure I've bought so far.

Overall it's a cute figure if you're a fan of Chii. They did capture her likeness pretty well, and the fact that the lamp lights up is a nice touch (battery was included). Just don't expect anything flawless.
1 d. temu
Payoki8 d. temu#80965506I ordered from NY also, still haven't had any updates... it did say in a previous email that she would be delayed until the end of this month. Hopefully they'll give us an update by the start of August :s
Edit: Just noticed that NY has suspended shipments to Australia where I'm located as well as the US as of July 17th due to the COVID19 situation... such unfortunate timing... not sure when I'll even be receiving her now oh man :S

Though I have other orders with N-Y awaiting their changed fate from EMS to UPS World Wide Very Expensive Express (no) Saver when released I can relate with you re Chobits. I PO'd her and 2 prize figures via BIJ (Big in Japan) where all have been stored indefinitely account my residence in US. The shop owner sent me a bill recently for DHL which, upon reflection after picking myself up off the floor, I reluctantly paid...$210 USD for shipping. All 3 girls are on their way and this will close a chapter with my dealings via BIJ until the covid19 pandemic/fearmongering/political football power grab via global suppression subsides which I fear is going to slide into 2021.

Wish you all well. Hope I am wrong about covid lockdown time length re JapanPost to US & other affected countries.
1 d. temu
Definitely not 1/7, or on the smaller end of said scale, she's a 1/8 if you put her besides GSC stars bells you Sakura. A good representation of Chii but many details are missing, positioning of pieces is not exactly the same as in the illustration, some of the proportions are different in the dress, the bow seems too big and the two ribbons are definitely a different interpretation of the illustration.... The hair needs some adjusting to be in the same position as both the promo photos and the illustration, some heat should do the trick. Mine detached from the base as soon as I took the base out of the packaging. She weights a lot, I hope the glue on the base doesn't detach again or she'll definitely fall. The palm of her hand is not properly sculpted at all, but you definitely have to pick her up and look at it to notice anything. The shading on her "ears" is not the best, I don't like the gradient they chose to do on the pink part.
The hair sculpt has some pieces attached weirldy. They blended them in some places but in other they didn't...

Pros: she's cute. Good representation of Chii. You can see the muscles on her bent leg, the one touching the lamp. She has a ton of really nice big flowy hair! The base has quite some weight to it. Hands and feet's nails are painted pink! The gold on the hairpieces doesn't bother me much, it's a nice touch.
The hair is nicely shaded.
Apart from being detached from the base she didn't have any noticeable paint defects!

Could have been cheaper but still a nice figure.

Please keep in mind a few days ago I got two Altair figures from a few years ago, the first Altairs I got, they're amazing and really detailed so I'm probably subconsciously also thinking of those...
6 d. temu
So mine arrived yesterday, she is nice but I'd recommend being careful with the ribbons as I can see them getting damaged easily.

Bit disappointed in the scale after sitting her next to my Card Captor Sakura statues. All in all nice.
6 d. temu
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