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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 2nd Season Autumn Ver. (Taito)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 2nd Season Autumn Ver. (Taito)

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 2nd Season Autumn Ver. (Taito)
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Skala & Wymiary
H=180mm (7.02in)
Data wydania
09/07/2018 Jako Prize
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victheduck (1 r. temu) #35632339ugh, I don’t like how she turned out. the paint job looks really flat, especially her hair... they could’ve gradated it with some darker tones. honestly they could’ve done a whole lot better on this figure :/ kinda regret preordering her now.
It's a prize figure...I don't know what sort of perfection you're expecting from a $20 figure, but for being a prize, this one looks pretty damn good.
1 r. temu
victheduck (1 r. temu) #35677437uh, it’s an opinion... i obviously know it’s a prize figure and what to expect from them since I collect them frequently...? I’ve seen way better prizes for cheaper and I just personally don’t like how she turned out. Honestly, people can’t have an opinion in 2018 anymore without other people having their feathers ruffled lol.
Well, in retrospect, I shouldn't have said anything. You can have your opinion and I don't care what you think of the figure. I think what really gets me is how frequently I'm seeing this whole "the colors are flat" when referring to a prize figure. Like, no shit, they're not going to add five gradients of shading to the hair on a prize.

I just feel like it's a growing sense of unrealistic expectation that leaves me scratching my head. If they took the time and effort to make prizes look like scales, we'd be paying more and more (which is already happening a bit) and then people would be complaining about that (which they are). Sooo...what do we want here?
1 r. temu
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In stock @ Anime NPC ($39.94)
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AniMe-LE (3 mies. temu) #59797744In stock Deutscher Onlineshop for 26,00 €
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1 mies. temu
I got mine a few weeks ago, it’s very nice for a prize figure, though mine leans slightly and fits very loosely to the base. The paint job could be better, and many seams can be seen if you look closely. But this is a very good figure for being a prize figure otherwise. :)
2 mies. temu
2 mies. temu
Selling for £30 from the UK :)
5 mies. temu
Selling for $15+shipping in the US. Opened but in good condition, please PM if you are interested. sold
5 mies. temu
Had to get her from ebay since I couldn't find her anywhere else. Goes great with item 153002. Some marks on the pumpkin. No lean on mine but her pegs fit quite loosely and I can picture her being a leaner. Faint seam lines down the legs but the paintwork is very nice for a prize. Colours are a little muted but I feel this line has more of a pastely theme which is fine by me. Adore her design so very happy and the effect on the hair adds a nice touch.
6 mies. temu
Selling for $20 + shipping in mint pre-owned condition!
6 mies. temu
got her at anime crossroads for $30!
7 mies. temu
victheduck (11 mies. temu) #42017026Received her and right out of the box I noticed that she’s leaning a bit... Is this normal? I’ve seen pics of the same figure and not all of them lean :/ I don’t think she was damaged during transit, the box is intact but the blister packaging came a little squashed.

I just got mine this week and mine also is leaning. Any idea from people as to how to go about straightening her?
7 mies. temu
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