Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Hello Brand New World (Good Smile Company)Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Hello Brand New World (Good Smile Company)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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Did someone pre-order this figure from Figuya (Germany) and does not want it anymore? I would gladly take over the pre-order. :) ♥
2 godz. temu
Thank you! Just grabbed one!
pafy628516 godz. temu#90843483Available again at Amazon JP (11 left as of this writing) for 19k yen (minus the JP sales tax at checkout) + 7k shipping.
2 godz. temu
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Any Australians get invoiced from AmiAmi yet? I assume it has something to do with the mail methods, but just checking as I'm paranoid.
5 godz. temu
SpicedWolf21 godz. temu#90829809Anyone selling their preorder on amiami or TOM? Looking to buy!

I have one on GSC that I'm looking to pass on if you're okay with them. I know you said AmiAmi or TOM, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. =)
12 godz. temu
Available again at Amazon JP (11 left as of this writing) for 19k yen (minus the JP sales tax at checkout) + 7k shipping.
16 godz. temu
For those that may be interested and have seen my pictures below of the box condition, Amazon Japan did say it would be okay for me to either keep/sell the current one or start the return process before 2/25. Given the denting on the side, my only concern is the wing part on the left side as seen in picture/2611436.... The very front of box is perfectly fine, but the back left side is heavily dented. I'll open this one up once I get the replacement to verify the condition, but you're welcome to reserve her if the box damage is okay. I paid $185 shipped for her, but would be fine with something like $170 + shipping. I'm curious to see her aftermarket/store stock being #2 most ordered right now.
17 godz. temu
cutesherry18 godz. temu#90842826You have really been particularly unlucky @_@

Can we trade DHL personal...I've seriously had a driver throw a box at my door and walk away a couple times. I've also caught a driver scan and try to walk away with my package until I opened the door and stopped him. It got so bad I had to put a camera up outside my apartment. I suppose it's just my luck being on the East Coast of the US or something because my AmiAmi box also arrived damaged today. That was their surface premium with Pitney Bowes/USPS. The interior packing was awful too. At least I took plenty of pictures...here's to hoping the replacement Sakura I ordered makes it halfway decent. I still need to pay $100+ just to return and get a refund for the original one.

I am curious, does DHL just deliver sometimes using an unmarked SUV for others because that's how Sakura arrived yesterday. It did look like the car was full of all kinds of other banged up boxes so maybe that was the misfit package mobile or something. This was after the proper van or usual unmarked white van showed up earlier to deliver a smaller packet.
17 godz. temu
msp17011 d. temu#90768902Unfortunately, my many experiences (50+ orders) with Amazon Japan and their exclusively DHL for international shipping policy over the past couple of years has been...a coinflip to put it mildly. There's times I've gotten boxes with the tops nearly ripped off. If Amazon didn't wrap my items with plastic, then I'm pretty sure they would have fallen out. This was pre-pandemic too. Hopefully everyone else has better luck though. The box is on par with the Stars Bless You ver. and a bit wider too in terms of overall size!

You have really been particularly unlucky @_@
I've been a really frequent customer of amazon japan since 2006-2007 and their only shipping method internationally has always been DHL.
100% of my packages have arrived in perfect condition and there has never been any issues at all.
Their shipping cost is unbeatable for me, it's fast, secure and I don't have to ever think about customs which is a HUGE relief. Plus, Amazon Japan's wrapping is great since all my books are always tightly wrapped in plastic and hold securely on cardboard. I have only praises for them after being their client for almost 15 years now.

Actually, I can remember one single case in which my amazon japan package arrived wet, but that was bcs it was raining really heavily outside and the delivery guy looked really apologetic and asked me if I could please open it in front of him to confirm is the content was ok: the content was intact.

On another note, I came here for something else entirely hahaha
I also received my Sakura Hello Brand New World today!
It's been SO LONG!! T_T I preordered her from Amazon in April 2019, it feels like an eternity ago ;_; But she's here now at long last!
18 godz. temu
Available again at Big in Japan for 17 990¥! SOLD!
18 godz. temu
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan (¥25,277)

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan for ¥25,277
└ Check product page for details.
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