Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Rock Candy  (24540) (Funko Toys)Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Rock Candy (24540) (Funko Toys)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Rock Candy  (24540) (Funko Toys)
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01/28/2018 Jako Standard
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The face isn't the best, but it's adequate. the body looks really nice, from several angles too.

I've said it before, but I love Eros Katsuki. As far as the costume goes, this is the best figure I've seen.

I have the teeny tiny putitto figure, and the nendoroid. The face is, of course, better on nendo, but the costume was honestly lacking in form and depth, the small size likely at fault. This funko figure (surprisingly) gives me what I've been looking for.

If you are even a little bit interested, I recommend picking up one for cheap from gamestop or crunchyroll. I can't believe it, but I actually love this figure.
1 r. temu
2 l. temu
And still better than MegaHouse's one... :/
2 l. temu
freezermilk2 l. temu#30755046just when you thought funko couldn't get worse lmfao
Well, that why it's called F-unko
2 l. temu
can funko just Not
2 l. temu
2 l. temu
Nope. Try again.
Or rather, don't. Please.
2 l. temu
Looks like a Nintendo Mii of Yuri.
2 l. temu
bisexual moeshit
bad. bad. no thanks. bad. bad.
2 l. temu
thanks funko, i hate it.
2 l. temu
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