Busou Shinki - Proxima Spinel - 1/1 - MMS Type Centaur (Konami)Busou Shinki - Proxima Spinel - 1/1 - MMS Type Centaur (Konami)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Busou Shinki - Proxima Spinel - 1/1 - MMS Type Centaur (Konami)
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Skala & Wymiary
1/1  H=150mm (5.85in, 1:1=0.15m)
Data wydania
12/15/2011 Jako Exclusive
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Konami Style Exclusive


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Silvery just an earth-bound misfit
gumonshoe5 l. temu#27350885180 www.amiami.com/...

Thanks for the heads up! It's one of the three Shinkis I want to own the most.

Hope that C grade is because of the missing hands, not because of the overall damage...
5 l. temu
Selling mine - SOLD
7 l. temu
I caved and pre-ordered.
8 l. temu
Not really digging the new coloring, but the new horns look great. Is it really worth the 8100+ yen just to get the horns? Hmm...
9 l. temu
Mio Boutique Tokyo - mioboutique.blo...
9 l. temu
Freaking love the horns. Would like to get eventually..
9 l. temu
Pleeeeeease don't be bundled with the new game.
9 l. temu