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Spider-Man: Homecoming - Peter Parker - Spider-Man - Nendoroid #781 - Homecoming Edition (Good Smile Company)Spider-Man: Homecoming - Peter Parker - Spider-Man - Nendoroid #781 - Homecoming Edition (Good Smile Company)

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i am fucking shook. the aura that tom holland faceplate gives off is that of immense power.
this face is too fucking good. i feel like im looking straight at tom holland right now.
1 r. temu
Let's be honest. Who else wants him because you have the Deadpool nendo and they just belong together?

1 r. temu
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looking to buy him! send me a message if you're able to ship to canada!
2 d. temu
In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 44845 yen on Amazon Japan.
Buy through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
¥0 service fee until April 15th!
Definitely down to buy one for a reasonable price (: HMU !
8 d. temu
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥17,510)

Brand New for ¥17,510
└ Carefully packed with ♥
If they make some DX Spider-Man accessories I hope they re-release this for everyone who missed him. He got surprisingly expensive! With a new movie coming out in the near future it would be a good time to bring this one back.

I'd also love to see some Spider-Verse nendos one day, but hopefully GSC and Marvel branch out and make some other characters like a full set of Avengers or some X-Men as well. As much as I love Spider-Man it's a little annoying that he and Iron Man are the only characters that consistently get figures.
2 mies. temu
Selling mine brand new, never open. 130 USD shipped to USA only. SOLD
2 mies. temu
Carpeomnia (5 mies. temu) #42613581Looking to buy at a reasonable price. Please PM me.

Still looking for him! Please PM me if you are selling.
3 mies. temu
Squidssiah Messiah of Squids
On Mandarake for 9,000 Yen:

Edit: Sold out very, very quickly.
3 mies. temu
If anyone is interested in selling this please PM me (even more so if you are selling from Australia)
3 mies. temu
Hi! Looking to buy him for a reasonable price! Please pm me if you have one available!
4 mies. temu
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