Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - EX Figure (SEGA)Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - EX Figure (SEGA)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - EX Figure (SEGA)
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H=160mm (6.24in)
Data wydania
06/2009 Jako Prize
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6 l. temu
Harumiku7 l. temu#1503714Saw this sold at a con for $50! :<

:/ yea... theres a con i go to every year that has this table in the dealers room who sells a bunch of sega figures for $60 (EACH) PLUS TAX. its ridiculous... i tried to convince my boyfriend from buying one but he did it anyways U_U
7 l. temu
Stalking Loli hunter
Were those 16cm the official height? Because she's 17,5cm without the base, and 18,5cm with it
It's quite a difference UvU
7 l. temu
I'm selling Kagami and Konata as a set for $30! PM me for more info.
7 l. temu
Saw this sold at a con for $50! :<
7 l. temu
Stalking Loli hunter
I snatched her along with Konata a few weeks back and just got around to getting them out of their blisters, and they are super cute! So glad I took them in~
7 l. temu
Currently for sale! PM for details! ^^
8 l. temu
Moorina Professional Loli Captor
Selling mine ^^ PM please!
8 l. temu
Selling her ^^ (As well with konata if prefered) Mail me!
9 l. temu
got mine today and she's great!! :))

when i arrived at my home, i took a photos of her because i can't control myself XDD
9 l. temu