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Melty Blood - Kohaku - 1/8 (Sol International)
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Skala & Wymiary
1/8  H=180mm (7.02in, 1:1=1.44m)
Daty wydania
10/2008 Jako Standard
01/2008 Jako Standard
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I had trouble figuring out how to remove the lower part of the kimono. The body from about the waist down is detachable and the kimono is held together by small pegs which can be pulled apart. When I did this and put it together again, white pant from the apron left marks on the kimono and brown paint from the kimono left marks on the legs. Luckily, none of this is visible when the figure is in one piece. I was able to wipe off all paint marks on the legs except a tiny little speck, but be careful, since the skin seems to be coated in varnish or something and it can be rubbed off. I took the figure apart knowing there would be a danger of paint transfer, so I was extra careful, but it happened anyway. I assume it can be easily done with this figure.
4 l. temu
I got mine off Suruga-ya for like 10$ and it was far better in quality then I was expecting. I feel bad for Akiha now since it's Kohaku who clearly got the better figure...
4 l. temu
Be carefull, when remove the lower part of kimono. I pressed too hard and it left trails of kimono's paint on her pretty legs. Fortunately they (trails) cant be seen behind the apron.
6 l. temu
Sztike7 l. temu#13658544860 JPY (not opened) global.rakuten....
Got her. Woooo! Thanks.
7 l. temu
4860 JPY (not opened) global.rakuten....
7 l. temu
Ordered her from Mandarake for only 4500 yen. Finally another figure from Melty Blood!
7 l. temu
Her face looks a little off from some angles, but overall this is a very good figure. I don't usually bother to take photos, but I'll definitely post a few to show off how high-quality her kimono and broom accessory are.

She has really intense eyes, too.
8 l. temu
One of my grail figures...I can't believe I actually own it now! So happy! *A*
8 l. temu
Your source for old and rare figurines!


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