One Piece - Sanji - The Grandline Men - Vol. 7 - Sabaody Archipelago Ver. (Banpresto)One Piece - Sanji - The Grandline Men - Vol. 7 - Sabaody Archipelago Ver. (Banpresto)¥ Kup¥ Kup

One Piece - Sanji - The Grandline Men - Vol. 7 - Sabaody Archipelago Ver. (Banpresto)
Vol. 7
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W=65mm (2.54in)  H=160mm (6.24in)
Data wydania
03/2011 Jako Standard
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Same Sanji as "Grandline Men Volume 6 Sanji" with a different Tie and Shirt.


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his suit has a blue spray, too!

eta this was my first bad exchange with mandarake, actually! mine is really stained and smelly from cigarette smoke. :'( he's got a few paint scuffs, too. the listing did say ...tape... on it, so I guess that was supposed to mean resealed. I'm not going to send a complaint or anything, b/c I know some stuff at manda is just very much second-hand goods, but I'm a little sad. :(
8 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
They ALWAYS make Sanji in this damn pose, OMG. I just ordered him though in the set along with Buggy and Kidd
8 l. temu
If they look the same, geez, then his tie and shirt make no difference to me <3
9 l. temu
Its say the difference with Further information also. ^^ Its just a different Tie and Shirt.
I prefer the 6 one also.
10 l. temu
I'm sticking to the Sanji from GLM6. I prefer his classic look a lot more! ;)
10 l. temu
I thought he got pushed to 2011 there for a second.
What's this GLM 7 Sanji's difference with the GLM 6 here: figure/36129_sa...

If there are no differences I could order this one since the payment would be pushed also...

Edit: Oh ok ok, RedDragon explains it here apforums.net/sh... :)
10 l. temu
sanji looking good~!
10 l. temu
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