Monobeno - Sawai Natsuha - 1/6 - Nya-Nya- School Swimwear Ver. (Milestone, QueenTed)Monobeno - Sawai Natsuha - 1/6 - Nya-Nya- School Swimwear Ver. (Milestone, QueenTed)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Monobeno - Sawai Natsuha - 1/6 - Nya-Nya- School Swimwear Ver. (Milestone, QueenTed)
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Skala & Wymiary
1/6  H=160mm (6.24in, 1:1=0.96m)
Data wydania
06/29/2017 Jako Standard
¥13,000 zmień na USD
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Chara-Ani.com bonus: Second Faceplate PICTURE #1738171
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Selling this in the USA for $135+ shipping.

Purchased secondhand/unopened from AmiAmi (has sticker on the back of the box, accordingly). Still sealed. Box in good condition but may have minor wear.

See photo album here: ibb.co/album/Nr...

PM me if interested, please include your zip code for a shipping quote.
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥18,804)

Brand New for ¥18,804
└ ✈ From Tokyo to your Home.
Hello nice people. I am searching a long time for Monobeno - Sawai Natsuha - QueenTed Chara-Ani bonus second faceplate. Luckily i've found Sumi with bonus face on ebay, but not Sawai unfortunately. So if anyone have to sell her one day with Chara-Ani second face, so please let me also know like the other people who also want to buy one. Thank you!
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To anyone lucky enough to read this in time, Solaris has it at the moment with 30% off, brand new.
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What a nice figure.
But i the swimsuit is a bit of a letdown.
I have a strechable swimsuit from a different figure.
But iam afrait i the strechable swimsuit will get broken.

Has some one of you a picture, with a strech swimsuit on?
Is there a way to buy only the suit.
Because of the tail?
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2 l. temu
If anybodys willing to sell the Chara-ani bonus please PM me.
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I wonder why she's classified as 1/6 scale when she's clearly 1/5. I've noticed this particular trend with a few other figures too.

My first thought when picking her up though, was "why did they make her hair so heavy?" and sure enough, as SumeriNyan has already pointed out, she's not very well-balanced. I like her a lot, but that seemed like a real oversight.

Edit: I was so intrigued by the scale that I measured her with a ribbon to see what her height is as if she was standing. I got 26cm, which when multiplied by 5 is exactly 130cm, how perfect is that. That's how tall the character is in the game.
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Thinking about selling mine. Still unopened, $110 shipped in the US?
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obrittany3 l. temu#23205181Thank you for the informative comment ^^ Could you take pics of her face? It looked so bad in the prototype so I didn't order but she looks kind of ok in the other pics I see

I took some pictures with my DSLR and made sure to get a close-up of their faces. I don't own a macro lens, so it's as close as I can get without the camera making a fuss. Also, I didn't buy the bonus face version. The cat grin in the standard version is correct to the illustration, whereas the bonus face isn't.
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