Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Black Ver. (T's System)Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Black Ver. (T's System)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Black Ver. (T's System)
Skala & Wymiary
1/6  H=180mm (7.02in, 1:1=1.08m)
Data wydania
06/14/2008 Jako Limited + Exclusive
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Toranoana Store exclusive color.


I just got her today and she's perfect ❤ Her leg pegs are a bit annoying but looking at closeups of the pink version in her MFC photos helped a lot.

Now all I need to do is get the pink version out of buyees wearhouse and I'll have them both
12 d. temu
Selling 80$+ shipping
15 d. temu
order.mandarake... 3000y unopened Mandarake
4 l. temu
Saw her on Ami and in the end I had to order her OTL||| Originally wanted the pink version two years ago when I added her to my wish list but now that I took a look at these figures again, I don't even like the pink one anymore so I'm happy this version popped up instead ^^ Didn't expect any Tamatans to pop up so that was unexpected ^^ Thank goodness my month is light...well...WAS light....
5 l. temu
Selling SALE #58755
5 l. temu
I'm selling this for $30 like new, PM me if you're interested. Willing to negotiate price.
Also i'm not sure if I have the item on this page or ITEM #27324 because they look exactly the same too me
6 l. temu
Selling mine SALE #50094 SOLD
7 l. temu
I found her for a great price, but im still wondering if i should get her since i really want the pink version ;_; but i cant find her anywhere, so i've kinda given up.
7 l. temu
Oddly popped up at Mioboutique for ¥9250 (!) www.mbttoys.com...
7 l. temu
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