Heartcatch Precure! - Cure Sunshine (Banpresto)Heartcatch Precure! - Cure Sunshine (Banpresto)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.
Heartcatch Precure! - Cure Sunshine (Banpresto)
Skala & Wymiary
H=150mm (5.85in)
Data wydania
10/2010 Jako Prize
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The perfect shade of yellow, with nice attention to detail and a sturdy base!
11 d. temu
In stock @ Neokyo
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NekoPanda .de - German Figure Collectors
Selling mine -> CLASSIFIED #140607
2 l. temu
Nabbed her on Amiami PO *Q* So happy!
5 l. temu
The least I can find her for is 4000yen???? a bit too much for a prize figure if you ask my but I really would like to buy her for maybe 2500 at most QAQ
7 l. temu
looking for her! pm me if you're selling~ ;-;
7 l. temu
The details on this figure are very nice, but I couldn't get her legs to stay in the sockets no matter how hard I pushed them in. I ended up having to glue them in.
7 l. temu
If anyone is willing to sell her, PM me please!
8 l. temu
I can't find her anywhere now... T.T
9 l. temu
in stock again, only 1 left


I've already got the actual product, have to say it's very cute and
the quility of the figure itself is quite good compare to the price.

PS: with the complete team w/ Blossom and Monnnnnnnnlight to


9 l. temu
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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