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Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Nendoroid More: Kisekae Wedding - Tuxedo Type, Sacred White (Good Smile Company)Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Nendoroid More: Kisekae Wedding - Tuxedo Type, Sacred White (Good Smile Company)

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Orders for the Second Release can be placed via Good Smile Online Shop between the 4th November 2016 (Fri) from 12:00JST until 1st December 2016 (Thu) at 12:00JST.

Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed between the 7th February 2016 (Sun) from 16:00JST until the 15th February 2016 (Mon) at 21:00JST.
Please note that Wonderful Hobby Life for you 23 products can be grouped together in one order but not with regular sales from the Online Shop.

Also available through Good Smile Company's partner shops.

*Head part is not included


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Please let this be a groom suit.. please let this be a groom suit...

3 l. temu
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In stock @ Neokyo
Buy on Japanese marketplaces through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
¥250 order fee, 45 days free storage
Selling for 15€ from Germany. PM for details!
3 mies. temu
Got a double up of this (and ITEM #287860) today while buying the blind boxes so just want to sell, 15nzd plus shipping wherever. :) Just send me a message if you're keen.

Husband convinced me to keep both for kit bashing, hahaha.
7 mies. temu
Selling this (and others in my collection)! $15AUD + shipping. PM if interested
11 mies. temu
Full set is in stock at TOM for $60 otakumode.com/s...
1 r. temu
I’m looking to buy the suits, is anyone selling them? I don’t want the dresses though.
1 r. temu
Looking to buy this suit in particular! I’m from the US.
e: Now a proud owner of one!
1 r. temu
1 r. temu
If anyone is selling any of the suits from this set, please PM me!
1 r. temu
Selling each individual or the whole set! www.ebay.com/it...
1 r. temu
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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