SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - Creators' Labo - DX Babydoll ver. (Yamato)SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - Creators' Labo - DX Babydoll ver. (Yamato)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - Creators' Labo - DX Babydoll ver. (Yamato)
Skala & Wymiary
H=210mm (8.19in)
Daty wydania
12/12/2011 Jako Standard
04/18/2011 Jako Standard
¥12,800 zmień na USD
Japoński54,831 wyświetleń • 123 komentarzy36 ulubione



Creator's labo # 28


Want to buy this so bad, someone please send help.
1 r. temu
Decided to sell mine. Excellent condition with box. $120 OBO with free shipping. Including ITEM #182227 for free with purchase!

US only please. PM for any questions

2 l. temu
Selling mine. Location US.
3 l. temu
AmiAmi A/B 6,180
3 l. temu
Selling mine from the U.S. PM for details!
SALE #117365
3 l. temu
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
3 l. temu
I can sell extra items : guitar + fridge (+cake) and gloomy bear (with box) in very good condition => 20€
3 l. temu
TokyocopX4 l. temu#6614861Anyone want the extra things? 20$ I'm in the USA

Just checking, but did this already get sold?
3 l. temu
orochimaruxsaber4 l. temu#15013101omg I'm interested! It includes the guitar, right?? Eyup. Also the fridge and gloomy bear
4 l. temu
orochimaruxsaber4 l. temu#14990284are they still available? Yep! In the USA here btw plus shipping too if your still interested it's only the things (only) once again that didn't come with the regular release
4 l. temu