Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine Troyard - 1/8 (Poly-Toys)Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine Troyard - 1/8 (Poly-Toys)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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Includes alternative faceplate and eye decals.


I'm dead.
5 l. temu
Yavimaya5 l. temu#2659439just... pls not the princess... meh)
Too late lol -> ITEM #286433

Slaine's a cutie, but the show he comes from is so terribly written (imo) I think I'd nerdrage every time I saw this if I owned it. I'm actually surprised so many people dislike him as a character since it was established very early on how he's not the most, um, balanced person around. >_>
5 l. temu
Inaho pls
5 l. temu
Yavimaya (눈_눈)
pvc please ;__; I know Slaine is a piece of trash and many people hate him but he's my favourite from the anime. he makes me feel very conflicted, on one hand I want to slap him on the face, on the other hand I want to hug him and pat on the head. he's just an unlucky boy who has gone through A LOT (many people forget about it) and I wouldn't be surprised if he had mental problems. he's not a bad person, he's just a poor lost boy without his place anywhere in the whole universe. he deserves a pvc figure and if he gets one, I'll buy it ;v; I love Slaine (an Inaho figure would be nice as well just... pls not the princess... meh)
5 l. temu
The first half of last season I would've been all over this one, but now... not so much. It'll just remind me of everything wrong with the anime.

The figure by itself tho, looks superb. Completely spot-on in every way.
5 l. temu
so we're all protesting this figure yeah? god forbid this figure come out...
5 l. temu
coming back here again, i feel the mighty need to hunt this GK down even if I never have the balls to paint it
5 l. temu
mosstan5 l. temu#2628582Dirty snake. Hopefully season 2 redeems him as a better man.
Inaho shot first...

Even knowing Slaine was a friend of the Princess, Inaho shot him down and tried to kill him (after they had just fought side by side), long before Slaine pulled a gun on Inaho
5 l. temu
princessduck5 l. temu#2631772team slaine did nothing wrong 4 life

even if our cutie kill s- and a lot of people !
5 l. temu
team slaine did nothing wrong 4 life
5 l. temu
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