Original Character - Pinky:cos - PC003 Yukata (GSI Creos)Original Character - Pinky:cos - PC003 Yukata (GSI Creos)¥ Kup¥ Kup

Original Character - Pinky:cos - PC003 Yukata (GSI Creos)
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Yeah the picture reflects incorrect version of this figure. It should be the light pink colored yutaka. They are also wearing yutakas cause it's for summer festivals, so therefore kimono would be an incorrect tag...at least I am pretty sure they are wearing yutakas as kimonos may be too warm for the summer?
10 l. temu
I don't understand why there are two versions of this figure in the database, labeled "yukata" and "kimono" respectively. There have been multiple releases of this figure, but unless I'm mistaken, all of them are wearing kimonos (as seen in the picture) The only difference is the coloring, which varies depending on whether its the repaint or not.

Since you've labeled this one as "PC003", it should be the original light pink kimono.
10 l. temu
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!



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