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Queen's Blade - Cattleya - R-Line - 1/7 - Ver.2 (Griffon Enterprises)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - R-Line - 1/7 - Ver.2 (Griffon Enterprises)

Queen's Blade - Cattleya - R-Line - 1/7 - Ver.2 (Griffon Enterprises)
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1/7  L=200mm (7.8in)  H=165mm (6.44in, 1:1=1.16m)
Data wydania
11/28/2014 Jako Standard
¥11,800 zmień na USD
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Hallo allerseits, hat noch jemand Probleme ihre schleife auf dem Rücken zu befestigen?
2 l. temu
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Amiami was kind enough to send me a new outfit but alas, same issue. Must be an issue with Griffon and not a defect...
4 l. temu
Alphard-D (4 l. temu) #2512346A very cute an chubby figure of Cattleya, as a mayor fail the ribbon (almost impossible to put) and the nipples.
nickyzf (4 l. temu) #2503168Securing her lower loins with the ribbon is also proving impossible.
That makes three. Is anyone else having this issue too?? Really want to know if this is some sort of factory defect or if they're all like this.

I've been talking with Amiami on this issue with no luck, the lack of instructions makes matters worse. I had someone use both hands to demonstrate my issue for a photo i.imgur.com/Hb0...... this is squeezing at all her might. Something's going to break is this strain continues.
4 l. temu
Alphard-D (4 l. temu) #2512346A very cute an chubby figure of Cattleya, as a mayor fail the ribbon (almost impossible to put) and the nipples. The mirror like base is great for this pose

thank you for the pic, but wow her nipples look like plain lol. now not gonna get her.
4 l. temu
She just came in, and people are right it says 1/7 on the box but she's easily 1/6 maybe even 1/5. She is massive. This is my very first cattleya and now i understand why she's so popular (Now I'm working extra hard to get all the 1/2 ones). the fact that her lower area's not detailed and her areola aren't sprayed doesn't bother me as much as some of you, but i can see where you're coming from.

All in all,this is a fantastic figure 10/10, and a fantastic start to a Cattleya collection.
4 l. temu
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