Kuroko no Basket - Himuro Tatsuya - Kuroko no Basket Suwarase Team 2 - Suwarase Team (Bandai)Kuroko no Basket - Himuro Tatsuya - Kuroko no Basket Suwarase Team 2 - Suwarase Team (Bandai)¥ Kup¥ Kup

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Kuroko no Basket - Himuro Tatsuya - Kuroko no Basket Suwarase Team 2 - Suwarase Team (Bandai)
Skala & Wymiary
H=45mm (1.76in)
Data wydania
05/14/2014 Jako Standard
Japoński6,886 wyświetleń • 14 komentarzy2 ulubione



Selling team 2 set. PM if interested.
7 mies. temu
Selling away my collection. All of them are new and undisplayed.

I accept paypal for payment. I ship internationally from Singapore. Do pm me if interested ^^


First edition:

Selling as a whole set of 5 for usd $65.
I have an extra of kagami so you can buy those seperately if you want ^^

Second edition:
Takao x2

Selling individually for usd $14 each

Third Edition:
Fukui (usd $10)
Miyaji (usd $10)

(Get any of these two for usd $5 each when you buy 5 or more figures from me)

Forth Edition:
Izuki (usd $12)
Hayama (usd $12)

Selling as a set for usd $39
Wont be selling akashi seperately. The other two are up for individual sale :)

Fifth Edition:
Kuroko (usd $14)
Akashi (usd $15)

Thanks for reading till here! Have a wonderful day ahead ^^
4 l. temu
Selling for 5€~
4 l. temu
I have an extra Himuro for sale. $3.50 USD ^^
Please PM if interested.
5 l. temu
Selling for 5 SGD
> Whole set at 25 SGD
PM if interested ^^
5 l. temu
I got an extra Himuro in my set. Looking to trade for a Kise from the same set if anyone has an extra (or a Kuroko one from the first set). Would also be willing to sell my extra (but priority goes to whoever can offer me a Kise or Kuroko in trade).
6 l. temu
Midorima, Takao and Himuro still available in this split club/618/discus...
6 l. temu
I have an extra Kuroko and Midorima from the 1st set, Himuro and Sakurai from the 2nd set available!

Looking for takers!
Selling at $5.00(SGD) each w/o shipping fee.

Please PM if interested. (*´ω`*)
6 l. temu
Looking to trade my extra Kasamatsu, Kise or Himuro for Aomine from the first set. PM please~
6 l. temu
My box was missing Kasamatsu if you have a spare one for sale or would like to trade I have Kise x2, Takao and Himuro spare
6 l. temu
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