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Fate/Zero - Blu-Ray - 2 (Aniplex)
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09/19/2012 Jako Limited
¥34,000 zmień na USD
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700g, 12 odcinków, 5 płyty, 03:50:00, Region-free
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Comes with Soundtrack 2 CD & audio drama CD.
English subtitles.


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥24,648)

Brand New for ¥24,648
└ Packed with recycled materials ♻
Pre Owned for ¥17,819
└ Check product page for item condition.
Selling 1 & 2 USA VERSIONS Like New!

My sales list is below.

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Selling, PM if interested! (located in the US)
3 l. temu
Finally, I just got mine in today along with Season 1! I'm so excited to re-watch this again for like the 9th time.
5 l. temu
As a proud owner of both boxes I can say: I have no regrets. It was the only path. Because there will never be again a series as awesome and gorgeous as Fate/Zero
7 l. temu
I feel that I need to get this to complete the set, like paying one's bills. But the few extra scenes are a bit disappointing enough to make me wait until later in the year to pick this up.
7 l. temu
8 l. temu
Ahh, well at least I'll be able to get free shipping w/ that site XD
8 l. temu
itsame008 l. temu#1076098How is $350 cheap?!He said 'cheaper' :p With shipping costs making the biggest difference.

Shipping for me (in the US) @ rightstuf is free with usps. I think they have a special deal for Canadian buyers too, not sure.

itsame008 l. temu#1076113Is this the complete season 2? Episodes 13-25?Yep. Except it's eps 14-25, 13 was in the first season.
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