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Akane Shuuhei - Street Fighter - Chun-Li - Poison - Doujinshi - Seigi no Daishou 3 (Akane Shuuhei Dou)Aratamaru - Final Fight - The King of Fighters - Poison - Shiranui Mai - Comics - Doujinshi - NIGHT HEAD CHAOS (Circle Taihei-Tengoku)

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Poison (Poison Kiss in Japan) is a character first introduced in the Final Fight series, who then appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and other Capcom works. She also featured prominently in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Though the females within the Mad Gear Gang are very few in number, they are considered to rank among the most insidious members of the gang. At the head of this small, but elite group of femme fatales is a purple-haired young woman, whose kisses could only be described as poison.

She also serves as Hugo's valet, Poison serves as the driving force behind one of the most dangerous athletes in the world today.

In the Japanese manuals of Final Fight, Poison is described as a Newhalf, a Japanese term for a male-to-female transsexual or transgendered. It is frequently misinterpreted that Poison was only changed to be a transsexual in the USA version due to Capcom USA's disapproval of violence towards women.
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