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Chiba Chiemi - Miyata Kouki - Matsumoto Rika - Yuuki Hiro - Yuzuki Ryouka - Kakazu Yumi - Chiba Susumu - Yamagishi Isao - Houshin Engi - Taikoubou - Nataku - Sodakki - Youzen - Suupuushan - Kou Tenka - Raishinshi - Ko Kibi - Ou Kijin - Chu-o - Album - Character Song - Character CD - Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character Image Song Collection Houshin Keikaku "Kaen I" (King Records)

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Taikoubou's spirit beast who has the appearance of a white hippo (his original design was more like a dragon). Suupuushan uses the inflection "~su" at the end of sentences. He has adult-like and serious personality. Originally, he lived in his birthplace in the Suupuu valley in Northern Europe with his parents, Suupuupapa and Suupuumama, but Suupuupapa, Genshitenson's spirit beast, was greatly wounded in a battle with Chou Koumei, and was forced to retire. In order to support the family, a young Suupuushan went off to work. From the beginning, he carries the Orb of Revival, which he uses to come back to life in a temporary adult form after he was killed in the battle with Chou Koumei. In his adult form, his voice and speech patterns change, and, like all adults of his species, can eat paopei energy. The battle with Bunchuu activates a licence designating Supushan as an adult, and from that point forward he is able to transform at will. Later, he receives a second Orb of Revival recovered from the ruins of Kingo Island.

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