Melty Blood: Actress AgainMelty Blood: Actress Again

Melty Blood: Actress Again
Melty Blood: Actress Again
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メルティブラッド アクトレスアゲイン
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Carnival Phantasm - Melty Blood - Melty Blood: Actress Again - Blu-Ray - DVD - Fighting Game - PC Game - Season 3 - Limited Edition (Ecole Software, French-Bread, Neowing Daikou)Melty Blood: Actress Again - PlayStation 2 Game - Limited First Edition (Ecole Software, French-Bread, Type Moon)Melty Blood: Actress Again - PlayStation 2 Game - Regular Edition (Ecole Software, French-Bread, Type Moon)

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Melty Blood Actress Again is the first game of the Melty Blood series which can be considered a sequel rather than an expansion or port of a previous game. It is an arcade game, and was released in September, 2008. It features many drastic new mechanics, two new characters, and 3 different fighting styles for all characters known as, Full Moon Style (Power), Crescent Moon Style (Speed) and Half Moon Style (Simple).
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