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I-No (イノ) is a character in the Guilty Gear fighting game series, making her first appearance as a boss of the third game, Guilty Gear XX; unlike bosses in previous games, she is freely playable from the start. Very little is known about her; in fact, her profile in Guilty Gear XX consists entirely of "UNKNOWN!!" repeated several times over. Information given thus far is also somewhat unclear as to the nature and origin of her hat. The hat resembles a witch's hat and seems to be animate. She also seems to derive pleasure from tormenting Dizzy. this is probabaly because Dizzy might have killed I-no in the main timeline.

I-No is actually a servant of That Man, dedicated — or so the viewer is led to believe — to his goals and ideals, to the point where she altered reality at least once to make his objectives possible, though it is never entirely made clear what the former are. To get her out of being misbehaved, That Man uses Anji Mito to trick and arrest her, eventually Anji succeeded in doing that and she was punished by That Man. She spends most of her Story Mode in Guilty Gear XX manipulating the various cast members against each other, including giving fake bounty lists that consist entirely of other cast members to Jam and Bridget. I-No is somewhat crude in how she speaks to others as she is always either cursing, insulting her opponents, or making sexually charged comments, usually using musical references as double entendres.

In the ending where she fights Sol — as well as various other characters' endings — she is captured by That Man and Raven, who evidently intend to punish her. I-No protests that she only wanted to remove those who stood in her boss' way, but That Man proclaims that they're actually beneficial to what he has in mind for the world. In her other, less likely endings, she fights and defeats Dizzy and May, either subsequently becoming overwhelmed by Dizzy's power, or kidnapping May with the apparent intentions of bringing her to That Man. Also, in her second ending of Accent Core Plus, I-No is defeated at the hands of a malicious Baiken and is stabbed repeatedly, thus leading to her death.

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