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Homura (焔) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.

Homura was originally a good shinobi. She hailed from a prestigious shinobi clan and so the life of a shinobi would quickly ensue. Ever since her first year of Elementary school she had been training to become a powerful shinobi and wanted to be the best there was. Every day she had been training and under a lot of pressure from her parents. Eventually, the stress had built up. Her teacher in Middle School was a kind male University graduate. Her teacher was a sort of 'oasis' for her. He would listen to her talk about pointless things, etc. He was a 'special existence' to Homura.

During her second year, she talked to the teacher about her plans after Middle School. She revealed herself being from a shinobi clan to him, seeing as how she thought he was the only one she could trust with this knowledge to keep secret. Upon receiving this information her teacher then attacked her, revealing to be an evil shinobi tasked with finding out her clan's secret.

Homura was quite shocked from this, but refused to believe the man she trusted to be so cruel. He'd further tell her he never cared to hear about her pointless talks and was only using her naivety to get close to her. Due to the shock of learning this, Homura snapped. She remembers nothing that happened after that other than a blood stained teacher's face. She says if she hadn't met that evil shinobi she might have been able to become a normal good shinobi student. She was disowned by her parents and forced to leave her home because of this act. All she had was the sword said to be her family's heirloom to take with her and a broken heart.

Betrayed by the person she trusted and disowned by her parents, she wandered the streets; Later confronted by a woman whom offered her the option to join Hebijo, stating that "The past doesn't matter, Hebijo welcomes anyone. Evil shinobi are more tolerant than good ninja." And thus she became the second year Hebijo elite, Homura.
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