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Nation's name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland (The Federal Republic of Germany)
Capital: Berlin
Language: German
Birthday: Unknown
National flower: Centaurea

Human name: Ludwig (Family Name Unknown)
Height: 180cm
Age: 20 (appearance)

A nation of battle-hardened knights who survived poverty and the turmoil of war under the shadows of Europe's glorious culture.

His situation is pretty terrible, considering how his neighbors include a stubborn Austria, an eternally in-heat France, a trouble-making Italy, as well as a boss who's completely eccentric.

His personality is serious, and will always obey the rules to a T.

He's serious during both work and vacation. But all that pent-up anger will usually come out once he has beer...

His hobbies include saving money, cleaning, walking his dog, and making candy.

He won't make mistakes in doing anything. He's also so over-confident in machinery that he's plowed his car into a bathroom while using a navigating system in a car (GPS).

This doesn't seem to be an interest of his, but he loves to go sight-seeing in Italy.

Source : MyAnimelist (myanimelist.net...)
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