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Maaka AnjuMaaka Anju

Maaka Anju
Maaka Anju
Pierwotna nazwa
真紅 杏樹


Karin - Maaka Anju (BEAT)



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Anju is Karin's little sister and the youngest child of the Maaka family, who seems to like dressing in the Gothic Lolita style. Quiet and precocious, Anju appears to be apathetic most of the time and shows little emotion. Anju cares about Karin more than she lets on, and starts to get jealous when her older sister starts hanging out with Usui-kun a lot.

Though she doesn't fully awaken as a vampire until towards the end of the series, she has an exceptional ability to control vampire bats, and is praised constantly by her family. She has a collection of creepy dolls, one of them being the infamous Boogie-kun, a doll that holds the soul of a serial killer, as we find out in a manga side story.
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