Akaoni no Broggy
Akaoni no Broggy
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Brogy the Red Ogre




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Brogy the Red Ogre is one of the two legendary giants who fight an endless battle on Little Garden, an island in the Grand Line. Both are former captains of the Giant Pirate Warrior Band from Elbaf. Each giant has a bounty of 100,000,000 on their heads.

Like Dorry, Brogy is a good natured giant, however, his pride can sometimes get the best of him. He is a firm believer of the customs of fighting from his homeland and follows them with much honor. He would follow these even if he were severely wounded.

He and Dorry are in battle with incredible passion and drive, the rules of Giant combat dictating the fight must be fought to the death, though neither of them really remember why they started fighting in the first place (It was over a dispute on who had caught a larger prize on a hunting expedition). They have been fighting for over 100 years

    Age: 158
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