Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis
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Sebastian Michaelis is the resident butler of the Phantomive mansion, and serves under his master Ciel Phantomhive. He also acts as Ciel's protector, and assist him in his investigations as the Queen's guard dog. Sebastian's 'catch phrase' that he uses to describe himself to others is "Watashi wa akuma de shitsuji desu kara (私はあくまで執事ですから,)", which translates to both 'I'm one hell of a butler' and 'I'm a butler and a demon', reflecting the fact that Sebastian is actually a demon, who formed a faustian contract that which Sebastian must abide to every order of Ciel's, in order to help Ciel escape his imprisonment and exact revenge on the people who murdered his parents. The proof of their contract is evident on Ciel's right eye (which is covered by an eyepatch) and on Sebastian's hand.

Sebastian is known to be talented in all skills, and is proficient in cleaning up after the other Phantomhive mansion staff after they do something wrong (which happens often). His more unconventional talents are more suited to his true nature, which are evident in the way he rescued Ciel from his kidnappers (using cutlery, dinnerplates and a coat rack to defeat his enemies) and when he took on Jack the Ripper.
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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