Kazami Shun
Kazami Shun
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風見 駿



Bakugan - Julie Heyward - Kazami Shun - Kusou Danma - Marukura Choji - Masquerade - Misaki Runo - Glass (Vabato Gifts)Bakugan - Kazami Shun - Kusou Danma - Marukura Choji - Masquerade - Glass (Vabato Gifts)


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Shun Kazami (風見 駿 Kazami Shun) was the former 1st ranked Bakugan brawler but after Masquerade showed up, he moves down to 6th, then back up to 5th after defeating Komba, then 2nd and ultimately to 3rd by the end of the first series. He is 13 years old, has black hair, which is tied into a long ponytail, bronze-brown eyes and wears a purple jacket over a dark, dark blue (almost black) sleeveless shirt. He is a master of Bakugan and co-created the rules with Dan. He is also Dan's childhood best friend. Shun is a loner, a boy of very few words, but yet is willing to help his friends at almost every turn. He is a Ventus brawler and he approaches Bakugan like a ninja. He lives with his grandfather, who used to be a famous ninja warrior, who once expected Shun to follow in his footsteps instead of playing Bakugan. His Guardian Bakugan is a Ventus Skyress, whom Shun received from his sick mother before she fell into a coma, and died in the Japanese series. It is unknown if Shun has a father, this is not yet revealed, he has not appeared in any of the seasons.
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