Chousokabe Motochika
Chousokabe Motochika
Pierwotna nazwa
長宗我部 元親
Alternatywna nazwa
Chosokabe Motochika
Demon of Onigashima
Little Princess
Arslan (Devil Kings)




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Daimyo of Shikoku. He was called "Little Princess" in his childhood, but earns himself the nickname of "Demon" later in life. Rules over the sea. His fortress has a cannon which repels his opponents and several mechanical machines. His crew often call him "aniki" (brother). He becomes playable in Sengoku Basara 2. He wields a long anchor-like spear that is respectively equipped with a metal chain, which he uses as both his weapon and his mode of land transportation. He speaks with a Romanian accent in Devil Kings. In Tadakatsu's Story Mode in Sengoku Basara 2, Motochika is included as one of Ieyasu's kidnappers. Ironically, in Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes, he ends up forming a friendly rivalry with Ieyasu. Motochika appears within many variable conflicts as a supposed rival to Mōri Motonari.
In Sengoku Basara 3, Motochika's friendship with Ieyasu is strained as Ieyasu's men attacked Shikoku after Hideyoshi's death. Motochika ends up joining Ishida Mitsunari to demand an explanation from Ieyasu.
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