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Follow the daily life of Binchou-tan, a chibi-sized girl who lives alone in an isolated, old house in the mountains. While she may be poor (the house she lives in has holes in the roof and is very old, she has an old sheet with a hole in it, and doesn't own many possessions), Binchou-tan lives life to the fullest. She gets up, gathers what she needs from the nearby fields, and pays for transportation from various animals with seeds, accorns, etc. Rice is the only thing Binchou-tan cannot provide for herself, so whenever she needs a fresh supply, she must travel to the nearby (1930's-style) village to do odd jobs in order to obtain rice. This is the a look at Binchou-tan's life on a day-to-day basis and that of her friends.

(summary from MIKOMI)

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