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    Sundae (10 godz. temu) #51603375That's a fair point, but I haven't seen anyone complain that TS is too light. So seeing someone repeatedly post that they don't want any tan/PoC ponies to the point they're going to take the figures apart just to repaint them white is making me side-eye their comments pretty hard
    Anyway, I don't want to drag this out any farther so I'll just say that I'm happy we're at least getting the full main cast soon! Pinkie and Twilight look amazing and I'm hoping the other girls do as well when they're finally up for order.

    I'm happy to have the main 6 as well (I've been waiting so long for them to announce the illustrations ;u;). And I didn't mean complain, what I mean is I don't understand why it seems to be everyone's main focus with this figure. That's literally all the comments are about recently in one way or another.

    Handly nobody has mentioned anything else about her, only said they like the tan skin, that they don't or tried justifying why she has tanned skin. It's literally the only thing anyone cares about this figure now :( (well it seemed to start more after the discussion of finding a GK of her). There's so much that's going to be amazing with this figure which does include the skin tone (I'm curious to what it'll look like on the actual figure because skin tones always look slightly different from the illustration) but there's also the rainbow hair which will have an awesome sculpt, her boots with wings, her goggles, her pony ears, the rainbow dash pony (I wonder how the rainbow mane will turn out) and how well the blue and tanned skin compliment eachother. There's more too her then just her skin colour alone :(

    Anyways, I'll be quiet about it now. It's just a shame that not many people seem to want her for reasons other then she has tanned skin.
    2 min temu
  • Chloe-tsundere dodał/a komentarz na temat [Użytkownik #33956] kimmyangel
    5 min temu
    Would like to sell her for €20, shipping from the Netherlands. Please pm me if interested.
    8 min temu
    Where can I order this?
    19 min temu
  • ptitange23 dodał/a komentarz na temat [Obrazek #2154583] 6564342234.JPG
    Great idea and pic !! ;D
    32 min temu
    chapters0 (1 d. temu) #51546919This is what i'm worried about, I'm horrible at directions! so i dont know how i will navigate the tthe trains at all!
    The trains honestly aren't as difficult as it seems, unless you are colour blind. Each line is denoted with a different colour so even if you can't read what line it is, you can differentiate by matching the colours from Google Maps. JR lines also have symbols along with the colours (like the Musashino line is referenced as "JM" along with being bright orange).

    After you have found the line you wanted the get on, you only need to make sure you are going the right direction. Even if you went the wrong way, Japan fares are calculated by the distance you travelled from station A to station B at the gates, so I don't think you would pay more for being lost, only losing time. For me, I always leave 10~ minutes before the time Google tells me in case I'm a slow walker/I get lost. If you aren't in a hurry during your trip, you definitely won't have a problem with the trains.

    It may be a bit difficult on the first day, but once you've established a base, you will start to get used to the lines you are always taking based on the stations that are closest to you. I think taking the train is one of the many Japan experiences that one shouldn't miss out on xD But try not to take the train during rush hour if you aren't used to it yet lol.

    Heck, you might get used to Tokyo so fast you wished you had planned to visit elsewhere too haha. For nearby areas outside Tokyo, I would suggest Mt. Fuji and Yokohama.
    33 min temu
    Heh. I wish I had bought three or four ITEM #464700 when he still cost sixty bucks! What a profit that would have been! XD

    My biggest regret is tied to a custom project. It was my first, and I didn't know if it would turn out well at all. I opted for a cheap figure whose body slightly resembled what I needed, instead of a more expensive one that was perfect. I was able to use the cheap figure's head for a project I ended up loving, but the first still could have been that much better... (But I won't go back and buy the first body because it's even more expensive now than it was back then, and I want to make different customs!)
    33 min temu
    Very good pic !! :D
    33 min temu
    Soooo cute !!! *_*
    34 min temu
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