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  • An original character figure manufactured by Sum-Art.
    ITEM #873008
    5 mies. temu
    T-Thank you for creating this !
    1 r. temu
    yesss, i've found my people <3
    4 l. temu
    EISENHEIM, I don't know if you still update your club, but if yes, aside from the figure in the post just below mine, I found ITEM #139951 while I was working on another club. Hope that helps!
    5 l. temu
    How about ITEM #278344
    5 l. temu
    Such a shame for them to be so scarce
    5 l. temu
    how about her ?

    ITEM #62296

    she is a female saint from saint seiya world, but her armor is mermaid.
    7 l. temu
    Thanks. If anyone knows any other mermaid anime or character tell me.
    8 l. temu
    mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
    Awesome club! I love Ariel myself. :)

    Don't forget to add Seto-San figures from My Bride Is a Mermaid! :D
    8 l. temu
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