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EisenheimEisenheim8 l. temu
Do you love these seductive creatures half women half fish? You don't mind the depictions of carnivore and killer mermaids and still love them?

Then this is your club. If you love mermaids like Ariel, Shirahoshi, Ishilly, Keimi, the Medaka quintuplets or Syrena you're welcome.

The avatar painting belongs to John William Waterhouse.

You can also follow the Mermaid Melody Fan Club created by Tsuntaku.
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An original character figure manufactured by Sum-Art.
ITEM #873008
7 mies. temu
T-Thank you for creating this !
1 r. temu
yesss, i've found my people <3
4 l. temu
EISENHEIM, I don't know if you still update your club, but if yes, aside from the figure in the post just below mine, I found ITEM #139951 while I was working on another club. Hope that helps!
5 l. temu
How about ITEM #278344
5 l. temu
Such a shame for them to be so scarce
5 l. temu
how about her ?

ITEM #62296

she is a female saint from saint seiya world, but her armor is mermaid.
7 l. temu
Thanks. If anyone knows any other mermaid anime or character tell me.
8 l. temu
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Awesome club! I love Ariel myself. :)

Don't forget to add Seto-San figures from My Bride Is a Mermaid! :D
8 l. temu