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Demon boys!
sakuniasakunia9 l. temu
Do you love them as much as me?

do your favorite characters consists of many demons?
is it because of their freakiness? their looks?

then join the club! >)


if there are demons I didn't list..please notify me!
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I seriously love demon boys at the moment >;D
8 l. temu
@Sakunia I think your club picture got suspended D: want me to whip up a demon profile club pic? have to draw something chibi-ish tho to fit everyone! I did an art concept for Nendo Rin Okumura: PICTURE #416366
8 l. temu
hehe I added them now saru!


hmmmmmm I don't know if its safe to count vampires into this club D8; (there is a vampire club I think?) I don't want to cause too much confusion if I do add vampires.
even though I do love Vincent Valentine *u*

maybe I should make a supernatural club also?

that's okay! thats happened to me too with other clubs XD
9 l. temu
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
why didn't I find this club sooner -_-'
9 l. temu
Oh hoho, I love this club for their demon boys <3
OMG! Does Vincent Valentine (FF7) counted as a demon, CAN vampires be counted?! they are demon-like? <3 Also how about Black Blood brothers like Mochizuki Jirou

Still thinking up more *_* I think Inga (from Un-Go) is a demon but have to clarify first.
9 l. temu
SaRu image not found
lol you forgot the characters from Nurarihyon no Mago :P
9 l. temu
thanks guys!
I've added them all! <3

Ima go hunting for more demons since I know I'm forgeting more XD;
9 l. temu
SaRu image not found
Arawn ENCYCLOPEDIA #3458 the Great Demon King in 'Tears to Tiara' ( 'u') <3
9 l. temu
oh-keisuke ☆*Pancake Massacre*☆
Awesome! Joined~

How about the devil may cry series, you know like Vergil ENCYCLOPEDIA #4202 and Dante ENCYCLOPEDIA #2931?
9 l. temu
TaralenYu Yu Hakusho is full of demon boys. ENCYCLOPEDIA #70
The most popular ones are these three though:

ENCYCLOPEDIA #3148 and his demon persona ENCYCLOPEDIA #3149


omg how can I forget yu yu hakusho!

thanks for telling me! I added them! 8)
9 l. temu
Your source for old and rare figurines!



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