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Welcome to the GO! Club!
What is the "Group Orders!" Club?
GO! is the place to go to if you want to host group orders, split/sell boxes of items you want to buy or already own, and/or order with others to reduce shipping costs and/or proxy/forwarding fees.

What is a group order?
A group order is literally what it sounds like: a group of people order things from a store together (usually one that needs the use of a proxy or forwarding service to buy from, or one that has flat or expensive international shipping). By ordering in a group, we can save money, whether it's on proxy/forwarding fees or shipping costs. Group orders can also be held for events where one person will physically attend and buy (usually exclusive) event-related goods.

What is a box split?
Many trading figures, rubber straps, charms, etc. are only sold in box sets and cannot be preordered individually. In a box split, the host orders a box of such items and then divides the items up for others to take. That way, you do not have to buy a whole box of ten characters when you only really wanted one or two. This is generally much cheaper than buying them individually on the aftermarket through means such as eBay and local anime conventions.

How do I join the GO! Club?
This club is now private.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but membership is only permitted to accounts who have been active on MFC for at least 3 months. "Active" is defined as your account's age plus visible account activity such as updating your profile information and adding to your collection/wishlist.

If you wish to join the club and meet the above requirement, please leave a comment below stating you have fully read and agree with the following rules and guidelines:

Club RulesClub RulesGO! Club Rules
By joining the Group Orders! Club and participating in club activities, you understand and agree to the following rules:

1. Be respectful and friendly
Members of the GO! Club are from various locations around the world, gathered together by our mutual interest in art, games, and merchandise. Open communication with your fellow club members is highly encouraged so we can prevent misunderstandings.

2. Be responsible
We understand people have very busy lives and MFC may not be a priority at times. However, by joining and hosting a group order/split, you have the responsibility to uphold any financial promises you have made. This means making payments on time and sending participants’ their items in a reasonable time frame. Also, whether you’re a new or old club member, if you’re working with someone for the first time, it’s always advised to do a little research such as looking at the user’s feedback, past splits, or profile along with sending/receiving payments through a method that provides buyer/seller protection.

3. Follow all Hosting/Participating Guidelines
Any club member is free to host a group order/split as well as participate in group orders/splits hosted by other members. Be sure to read through the Guidelines and FAQs/Tips for both hosts and participants in their entirety so you fully understand the group order/splitting process and requirements before posting anything within the club's forums.

4. Subscribe to the Announcements and threads you're involved in
All club members are obliged to subscribe to the Announcements Thread to get notifications about any updates to the club. It is also mandatory to subscribe to all group orders/splits threads you’re involved in whether you are a participant or host.

5. Thread rules are up to the host
Aside from the required information outlined in the Guidelines for Hosts, rules for each group order/split are determined by the host themselves. Make sure to read all of their rules before applying/posting for a slot as they vary between hosts.

6. Freedom to order/split almost anything
For split threads, items that may be split can be a preorder, back-order, in-stock, or on-hand item. However, you must be participating in the split itself in order to open a thread for it. For group order threads, always indicate what shop/event you will be ordering from or attending to obtain the items. In the case of an event, provide a list of items that can be ordered at the event as well.

7. Report issues
If there is any member having trouble with a host or a participant, please contact a club admin to discuss the matter. This can be in concerns to anything from missing items/payments, aggressive/rude behavior, etc.

8. Leave feedback
Club members are encouraged to leave feedback after a group order/split is complete in the GO & Split Feedback Club. This is the shared feedback system between the Group Orders! (GO!) and Let's Split Nendoroids! (LSN) Clubs. If there is feedback you wish to discuss or dispute, please PM club admin SHAERILETH.

9. Create a sales thread
Everyone is allowed to create a single sales thread and update their thread with items leftover from splits or with items already on hand. See How to Create a Sales Thread for information on how to set one up.

10. Post about item/store interests
Anyone can inquire about group orders/splits they are interested in in the Suggestions/Requests Thread (see most recent thread), but they are not obliged to follow through with any group orders/splits brought up.

11. Not a place to make profits
The club is NOT for making profit among its members. This applies to splits, group orders, and sales threads. Hosts are not allowed to charge any sort of handling/hosting fees or add mark-up to items being ordered. The ONLY exception is allowed in instances where items can only be attained through physical attendance (e.g. conventions, cafes, festivals, etc.).

12. Respect MFC's site-wide rules and policies
The use of alternative or multiple accounts is not permitted as outlined in MFC's Community Guidelines. If your old account was previously part of the club and was deleted or abandoned, you must verify this information with a club admin before you can rejoin the club on your new account.

13. Have fun!

Guidelines for HostsGuidelines for HostsGuidelines for Hosts
Hosts must include the following SIX components in their threads. The order the information is presented does not matter as long as it is all addressed in the first post. Further information on hosting can be found in the post: FAQ & Tips :: Hosting.

New to Hosting? Be aware that if you do not have any hosting feedback from the Group Orders! or Let's Split Nendoroids! Club, you will only be allowed to have one thread open at a time. You must successfully host one group order/split AND obtain feedback for said group order/split before you can open multiple threads. However, if you have any negative feedback, the club admins may limit the amount of threads you can open. If you have hosted successful group orders/splits already in either club but do not have any feedback, feel free to point this out to an admin if there are any questions brought up. In the future, please be sure to request your participants for feedback.

1. Thread Titles
Hosts must use the following format for their thread titles along with indicating the status of their group order/split. This allows you to search for your own threads should you accidentally forgot to subscribe to them and makes it easier for others to check your hosting history:

    a. The country you're residing in. Use an abbreviation as much as possible.
    If you're willing to ship internationally, indicate an asterisk* after your country.
    b. Your MFC username to indicate you are the host of the group order/split.
    c. The name of the box set you will be splitting or the name of the store/event for the group order. Simplify the name if needed to fit the character limit.
    [USA*][Username] Series Rubber Strap Collection
    [USA][Username] Store Group Order Month/Year

If no <STATUS> is indicated in the thread title, the group order/split is active and open to participants. Be sure to update your thread title with the following statuses (or abbreviations if you run out of room), when your group order/split reaches that stage:

    <DRAFT> / <DFT> :: Information about the items/set have not been fully officially released but a group order/split is opened to reserve slots once the information is available. Also used to indicate that the host is unsure whether they will follow through with the group order/split depending on interest.
    <CLOSED> / <CLSD> :: The group order/split is no longer accepting new participants or all slots have been filled. At this point the host has placed the order and generally does not plan on ordering more items/boxes, but it is usually a good idea to keep it open as long as possible to get back ups because people may drop out/disappear.
    <CANCELLED> / <CNLD> :: The group order/split is no longer active due to host cancellation, lack of interest, or items selling out. Threads may also be marked cancelled by admins if the host goes missing for an unreasonable period of time.
    <COMPLETE> / <CMPLT> :: All group order/split items have been sent to participants and the thread is finished.
    <CLOSED>[USA*][Username] Series Rubber Strap Set
    <CMPLT>[USA][Username] Store Group Order Month/Year

No matter what happens to the group order/split, DO NOT erase all details about the group order/split. Merely edit the thread title with the appropriate status and make a post to let participants know the status of the thread.

2. Rules
Hosts are given the chance to make and determine their own rules when creating a group order/split thread. Rules must comply with club- and site-wide rules and be detailed and clear to prevent confusion. Be sure to address how slot arrangement is handled, any possible item restrictions, confirmation/payment deadlines, and other details that may pertain specifically to your group order/split.

3. Item/Store Information & Other Costs
Hosts are required to provide a direct link to the store or box set's product page. If you are using the services of a proxy/forwarder, a link to the proxy/forwarder's website must be provided as well. (A name or title may be used in place of a link for the proxy/forwarder if it is a personal acquaintance or individual unaffiliated with a company).

Hosts are obliged to post ALL possible costs that’ll be included in the group order/split. This may include, but is not limited to: the price of the item(s), shipping to and from the host, customs fees, VAT, credit card foreign transaction fees, proxy/forwarding fees, and/or packaging costs. This is to ensure the participants are fully-aware of what they’ll be paying for and which costs will be divided equally among them. In instances where costs may be unknown at the start (e.g. shipping to the host), be sure to mention if/how participants are expected to cover their share of this cost later on.

Hosts are NOT allowed to charge any handling fee when hosting a group order/split. The only exception to this rule is if you are hosting a group order/split for items that can only be obtained by physical attendance (e.g. events, festivals, conventions, pop-up/limited stores and cafes) which may include fees to cover queuing time, parking, and ticket/badge costs.

4. Payment Procedures
Hosts must mention how many payments they will request, what currency those payments will be in, when payment is expected, and what payment method(s) they accept.

If a host chooses to request payment in a different currency than is needed to pay for the store, they cannot request additional payment later on to make up for conversion differences. It is highly encouraged to request payment in the currency the store charges in to avoid this issue. Hosts also cannot charge for additional fees that were not previously addressed at the start of the group order/split unless an agreement is made between all participants.

Hosts are required to include a payment deadline in their invoices and a note for their participants to copy/paste into payments indicating the following:

    a. The participant’s MFC username.
    b. The name of either the box set you will be splitting or the group order title.
    c. The invoice number (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) so both host and participants can track how many invoices were paid.
    Example: Username: Series Rubber Strap box split (1st Invoice)

This is to avoid being blocked/suspended by PayPal due to unknown payments/details that will reflect on the account. It also helps the host/participant keep track of payments.

* For more information regarding PayPal, please see the PayPal Guide located at the end of the FAQ :: General.

5. Shipping Methods and Costs
Indicate how shipping will be calculated from the store. Generally shipping is divided by the number of items but can be divided by the number of participants if shipping is a flat rate.

For shipping to participants: Hosts are required to show a chart/image of or provide a direct link to the shipping rates for their country's postal service. This includes information regarding shipping zones/country groups. Also mention whether the default shipping method includes tracking or not. This is to let participants estimate how much their items will cost when shipped to them.

For shipping from the store: Hosts must disclose the shipping method they choose to use and are highly encouraged to use registered services unless: (1) There is mutual agreement from the participants against doing so OR (2) There are shipping restrictions to your country that prevent you from doing so.

6. Slots
Hosts are required to post a list of what items/slots they are ordering so participants are aware of the total costs and how many participants are involved in the group order/split. For splits, this will be item/character slots. For group orders, this will be a list of items from the store along with a link to each item’s product page. The finalized list must include the items/slots the host is ordering for themselves. Keep track of slot and payment statuses for participants by color/format coding their usernames. Be sure to provide a legend as well and clearly indicate any items/slots taken by off-site participants.

For group orders, if you are ordering any items that you’d prefer to keep private (e.g. gifts, R18), you must indicate what type of item is being ordered and how many so participants are aware of all possible items contributing to the shipping weight.

Other Guidelines:
  • Hosts are allowed to bump their group order/split threads only once per week.
  • Hosts can advertise their threads in the Suggestions/Recommendations thread but please refrain from posting more than once a month.
  • Hosts are required to keep their participants updated on the status of the items in their group order/split. If you anticipate on taking an extended leave from the club or must do so due to emergency, let your participants know and offer them solutions in the event you cannot purchase or ship the items within the originally promised time frame.

Guidelines for ParticipantsGuidelines for ParticipantsGuidelines for Participants
In order to help group orders/splits run smoothly for all, participates are asked to adhere to the following guidelines. Further information on participating can be found in the post: FAQ & Tips :: Participating.

New to the GO! Club? There's no limit on how many group orders/splits you can join, but be sure to subscribe to all the threads you have joined (or even create a list somewhere to keep track) and don't be afraid to asks your hosts or a club admin any questions!

1. Read the Thread Rules
Before deciding to join a group order/split, participants should carefully read the host’s rules. You are encouraged to ask the host clarifying questions if any information is unclear or incomplete in their rules or during the group order/split process. Remember, someone else may have the same question and if no one asks, then nothing gets clarified!

2. Applying for Slots
Participants are free to apply for any slots in the group order/split they wish to join. Always be clear about what slots you will take by using specific language such as confirm or tentative to reduce confusion for the host and other participants.

Hosts will color/format code participant names to indicate the participant’s interest level in a slot/order. The color/format are clarified in a legend provided by the host. The definition of each status may (slightly) vary depending on a split, so be sure to read the thread rules. In general:

    Confirmed :: You are committed to take that slot and obliged to fulfill all related payments should the group order/split proceed. Dropping out is not accepted at this point and may result in being banned from that host’s future group order/splits or the club itself if done frequently. If you are far back in line and it seems highly unlikely your order/slot will be fulfilled, ask the host if you may drop.
    Tentative :: You are unsure whether you will take the slot and there is no commitment or obligation. People usually apply as tentative so they can decide later or if they have special conditions.
    Conditional :: You have certain conditions before willing to commit to taking a slot. Examples: "I will confirm if I get character A and B" or "I'll take an extra slot to fill another box."
    Waitlisted :: You're still committed to taking a slot, but the host won't be able to say whether you will actually get it or not. This is mostly used for group orders where there is an order limit. Please note that people do tend to drop out (even if they're confirmed), so being waitlisted doesn't always mean it's impossible.

Since every host is allowed to create their own rules (as long as it complies with club- and site-wide rules), by joining their splits you agree to their terms and conditions. If there is something you need clarification about, do so before confirming. It’s your responsibility to look after yourself to make sure you understand how the flow of transactions will work out.

3. Subscribe to the Thread
Participants are required to subscribe to the group order/split thread they join in order to track any updates and status changes made to the thread. This also makes communication easier for both the host and participants. Feel free to request updates on the status of the order/items if there hasn't been on in awhile.

4. Double-check Prices and Slots
Participants are asked to always double-check computations and items they asked for when the host sends out invoices. This is to make sure you are fully aware of how much your total will be before sending your total payment.

5. Sending Payment
Participants are required to include a note when making payments to the host for the group order/split they are participating in. Formats may vary depending on the split host's specifications for this important detail, but most hosts include the following:

    a. Your MFC username.
    b. The name of either the the box set being split or the group order title.
    c. The invoice number (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) so both host and participants can track how many invoices were paid.
    Example: Username: Series Rubber Strap box split (1st Invoice)

This is to avoid being blocked/suspended by PayPal due to unknown payments/details that will reflect on the account. It also helps the host/participant keep track of payments.

If you are joining a split by a new host/someone without feedback, it is encouraged you pay by PayPal Goods/Services. You can ask the host to calculate the PayPal fees for use or look up PayPal fee rates for your country and use an online fee rate calculator.

* For more information regarding PayPal, please see the PayPal Guide located at the end of the FAQ :: General.

6. Sending Shipping Information
Hosts will require the participant's shipping address to estimate shipping costs and send packages. Be sure to include your country and indicate the name you would like the package addressed to. If you have any packaging requests (e.g. sending to a proxy, flatten or throw away boxes, etc.), mention this as well.

7. Thread Completion
Participants are encouraged to leave feedback for the group order/split host, either in the host’s specific thread found in the GO & Split Feedback Club, or in the host’s personal feedback list, after they have received their items. Many hosts also appreciate when participants let them know either through the thread or PM that the items arrived. While no response is generally a good sign as that indicates there were no issues, it always gives a peace of mind when participants let hosts know their items arrived safely.

Other Guidelines:
  • If you anticipate on taking an extended leave from the club or must do so due to emergency, let your host(s) know and offer them solutions in the event you cannot pay or respond within the originally promised time frame.

We will send you an invite if we see no problem with joining. Thank you for understanding.
(Note: Invites are generally sent out 1-2 times a week. We appreciate your patience!)

If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please contact club admin SNOWFEI or NOCTISITY.

Wanna help advertise the club? Banners are here!
Feel free to make your own too~ PM a club admin and we'll add it.
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Hello ! I've read the rules and am interested in joining the club :)
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Hello ^^ I've read the rules and guidelines and I would like to join!
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Hi! I've read the rules & guidelines and would like to join :)
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