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Daiki Kougyou Figures Group
Singer_YunaSinger_Yuna11 l. temu
Daiki Kougyou Figures Group
Group dedicated to Daiki Kougyou Figures.
Image is a shot from (c) SEIJURO gallery.

Feel welcome to join ^^
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What Daiki Kougyou figure want to be re-released?

0%No one
100%I want to be re-released... (tell inside the thread)
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After Torino, a Lady J figure (of Valkyrie Drive) should be top priority! Let's pester Daiki until it's made...! I need it.
2 l. temu
I'm wondering if there are bootlegs of this item? ITEM #62953

Nevermind... I got her and she is very big! :D Happy with Kan'u very much! :D
6 l. temu
shenzuo Blackthorn
Just got my beauty Ryomou Shimei Gothic lolita, impressive figure, impressive detail and very sexy.
9 l. temu
negativezero Making Room
Just got my new Kanu and she's beautiful. Good job Daiki, I'd cook her up and eat her if I could. So Delicious!

Also, this figure ITEM #38885 should be part of the club, so sexy.
9 l. temu
The original Yamashita version, nothing wrong with mine

Anybody else going for the new giant Ryomou? I mean damn this one is big, 41 cm
10 l. temu
i got the jr high version and she came damaged out of the box.
10 l. temu
So who here got the Ryomou figure?
10 l. temu
Great news everyone ! The lovely Kanu in her bath is finally out. This is going to be one steamy hot photo shooting session !
10 l. temu
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
New Daiki's for preordering!! She joins our lists. figure/24825_ak...
But be careful, she is 1/12 scaled.
10 l. temu
I've been getting hooked on Daiki figures myself lately. They're not cheap by any stretch, but the quality (and size!) makes up for it. Really liking the ones I've got, and looking forward to Mou-chan this month!!!
10 l. temu