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For all fan's of the greatest MOE point; Megane (also known as Glasses or Meganekko)

It is said in ancient prophecy that a person's MOE meter goes up over 9000 if applied megane. The source of this information is unknown but it has been fulfilled many times.

So, you like megane girl or boy? JOIN!

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Yeah! Megane all the way!
Because megane is best girl!
5 l. temu
Megane... not a simple Widget nor Accessory, but the True Beauty of all Girls!
...As long as They are Pettanko 'n Sadists! <3

It's my Truth; glad to meet You.
6 l. temu
I've found my people xD
6 l. temu
I need to be in this club!
7 l. temu
Recent convert here '—'
7 l. temu
kilani8 l. temu#979105How do you know that's what she's doing?

Umm.. since it really reminds me of Philia's act from the Tales Of Destiny PS1 OP movie.
8 l. temu
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I sure know where I'm looking. :3
8 l. temu
Now that is an awesome GIF itsame00, just I don't know where to look. :o
8 l. temu
8 l. temu
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
I actually think the picture should be of a moe pair of glasses blushing in a maid dress.
8 l. temu