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Can't resist those so damn cute little figures? Come and share your love for Nendoroids! They deserve it.
« Kawaiiiiiii! »
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Hello i'm new here, I like nendoroid and I also make youtube about unboxing nendoroid.
Here is some of my video
Thank you
14 d. temu
Hello y'all! I just joined MFC and I am a nendoroid/chibi collector, so this had to be the first club to join! I only started collecting a few months ago (I had literally 1 luka Nendoroid when I was younger but it broke :( ) and I'm hoping to connect with fellow nendoroid lovers! <3
2 mies. temu
Selling snow miku nendroid!
Pm for details!
2 mies. temu
Hi everyone! Just like everyone here I enjoy my hobby collection for Nendoroids!!! Look forward in building a Community!!!
3 mies. temu
Hello everybody! very brand new to MFC here hehe. I started collecting nendoroids in November 2020, and now I'm on the search for multiple nendos to grow my collection and find some for my friend.

And of course I wouldn't mind making friends along the way of my nendoroid collecting journey so feel free to send those friend requests. :)
3 mies. temu
Hi everyone! I'm somewhat new to MFC and this is the first club I have joined! Nendoroids were my first figures and are still the main figures I collect!

I upload my (very) amateur nendorography on here so feel free to check out my chibi children >.<

Friend requests are welcomed! ^.^

3 mies. temu
Hello, I will love to join this club, I am a huge nendoroid collector...
At this moment I am looking for nendoroid 1092 emma, but prices are very high...

Do you think someday good smile co. would reprint this item?
I think the anime still very popular and that´s possible. Still, I would hear good offers.
I really want to get this for my wife.She´s really into this anime

4 mies. temu
hello! im looking to buy a hange zoe nendoroid! if anyone is selling them or knows where to find them please let me know:)
4 mies. temu
looking to buy an erwin smith nendoroid! :)
4 mies. temu
emi_224 mies. temu#91161143Saw somewhere that he's getting a rerelease, not sure when, but I could be wrong though. Good luck on your search!

Oh awesome! Thanks so much :)
4 mies. temu