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Are you a fan of The Slayers anime, novels, and manga? Feel free to join and discuss how much you love everything Slayers!

Slayers follows the adventures of teenage sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions as they journey through their world.Using powerful magic and swordsmanship they battle overreaching wizards, demons seeking to destroy the world, dark lords, and the occasional hapless gang of bandits.

The series was originally made by Hajime Kanzaka as light novels, and the original series spanned 15 novels, 8 of which were published in North America by Tokyopop. 9 through 15 were never published. Super Explosive Demon Story was published in North America by CPM Comics, stopping right before they released the last volume, leaving only 7 out of 8 published.

In Japan, there are 15 novels of Slayers, 30 of Slayers Special (Which are the adventures of Naga and Lina), 4 novels of Slayers Delicious, and 2 volumes of Slayers Smash.

There are 5 seasons of anime: Slayers, Slayers Next, Slayers Try, Slayers Revolution, and Slayers Evolution-R. There are 5 motion pictures (Motion Picture, Return, Great, Gorgeous, and Premium.) There is an OVA, Excellent.

Numerous games have been released in Japan, and there are even cross-over drama CDs and novels. (Slayers vs Orphen)

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Need to add the Slayers Nendoroids, like Naga and Lina
9 mies. temu
5 l. temu
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
irpguardian7 l. temu#1743119Lina & Naga forever!
>u< I love the way they interact together, they always give me a good laugh!
7 l. temu
Lina & Naga forever!
7 l. temu
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
There were seriously no fanclubs for Slayers.. wat. D: Anyway, I'll be putting this under construction!
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