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For members of Team Blue. For more information on Team Blue, please go to Team Blue's blog, thank you. We are also available on IRC at the Rizon server (irc.rizon.net), channel #TeamBlue where you can find us daily. Cheers.
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Some figures added as part of Team Blue's featured figures. Also I sent PMs to the two previous people below who commented. Please check if you have not already done so, thanks.
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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
All versions of KOS-MOS (without one) are blue figures, not in vane she is also called blue angel.
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Oups... Here's the link :
11 l. temu
Hello guys!

I suggest to add this figure to the related ones since I own her and she is blue! ;)
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Another figure, Sangou-chan by Yamato, has been added to the mix as a related figure. Discussion started regarding related figures.
11 l. temu
New figure has been added, Kisaragi Chihaya, as a related figure.
11 l. temu
I added 4 more figures recently that can be defined as "blue". More will be coming in soon, you are free to use any of these figures as a Team Blue banner in an upcoming drive for team banners.
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