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  • I like placing lying-down or sitting figures on the bottom. For example ITEM #806095. I think they look great when viewed from that angle. Though when running out of room, I place figures wherever they fit regardless of viewing angle.

    Not ideal but I also place very heavy figures/statues on the bottom shelf. I don't like doing it but I worry about those figures breaking the glass on the upper Detolf shelves which I think has a 10 lb. limit
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    Bottom shelf is for figures that I like least I suppose, and ones that would be a pain to dust if left outside... Depending on the placement, they are still visible from afar so not all bad
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    MoonFigures Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
    I use the bottom shelving for books as well. I collect a lot of Sailor Moon media, so at least 4 shelves are dedicated to magazines, cards, art books, etc. and 2 others are dedicated to art supplies and personal records because they're in my desk area.
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    My Bottom shelves are used for Graphic Novels/Books/DVDs on my bookshelves find that works out pretty well.
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    This is why my detolfs are on risers. That way the bottom shelf is at least a foot and a half off the ground, roughly. Perfect for viewing from a sitting position, such is the case in my living room.

    Since these have filled up and detolfs have been rather scarce in my part of the world, I've since resorted to simply displaying them on floating shelves on my walls, so bottom shelf is very rarely an issue for me anymore.
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