Komentarze Figures that got you into their original franchises

  • I came across ITEM #604614 just last week and was stunned by how beautiful it looked, especially the base. So I figured why not check the show out and then order the figure if I enjoy it? I'm still in the process of watching this show (I'm watching season 2 right now), but after I finished season 1 I went ahead and pre-ordered her since I've been enjoying the show.

    edit - Oh and another one. I haven't began watching the show yet (I plan on doing so after I've finished Is the Order a Rabbit?), but I also came across this Endro figure (ITEM #738007) a few days ago and I like how it looks, so I'll be checking that out too in the near future.
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    The Touken Ranbu nendoroids got me into the anime/video game. I figured I better know the names in case someone asks me about them.I actually like both the anime(s) and video game that they are based off of so it worked out:D
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    I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs because I really loved the design of ITEM #396850 and ITEM #463240 and wanted to be able to justify the purchase.
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    Fate for me.
    I saw ITEM #532982 and it looked badass. So I started watching the anime and playing the game (not the visual novel, but FGO). I'm going to play the actual visual novel eventually :') There are just so many Fate figures in the market, which eventually made me succumb to the series.
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    So sorta for me. I tend to buy what I know... so if something catches my eye I’ll go watch the series and then go buy the figure. For example that Shield Hero show. I saw that the main guy got a Nendoroid so I said,

    “If the chick gets a Nendoroid I’ll watch the show”

    lol and behold she got a Nendoroid so I decided to watch the show to justify myself buying them.
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    I'm pretty sure this has happened to me more than once but the only one I can distinctly recall ATM is ITEM #77495.
    I bought and played the game just to justify having this figure in my collection.
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