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Hello everyone. I'm having some issues with Paypal and I was wondering if this happened to anyone else.
My debit card recently renewed with the old one expiring this month. Despite updating Paypal with the new card info, the site continues to say that my card is about to expire and that my new card can't be validated. I double checked and I definitely put in the right information when I updated and my bank confirmed that my card is indeed active. I called Paypal's customer service and they say everything is fine despite what the website is saying. Regardless, I currently can't use my debit card as a payment type when I try to use Paypal. I'm hoping that come August 1st, when it's past my old card's expiration date, that there will no longer be an issue.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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I ended up having to remove my card and re add it. Thank you all for the advice!
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My credit card company sent me new ones and I experienced something similar to what is happening to you. I went through the same avenues as you double-checking and touching base with all concerned. My situation finally got straightened out when I called my credit card company personally to register the new card numbers and authorize turning the damn thing on.

When the new cards arrived the tag covering the account information suggested a phone number to call and doing so would activate the new card numbers. So that's what I did and that's all I did. Yet every time I tried to pay using the new card the vendors would say this one doesn't work but the old one that had yet to expire did.

In spite of the protocol suggested on the removable strip the new card came with I learned the correct procedure was to call the main office at the credit card company, talk to a credit card customer service rep, initialize the new credit card information over the phone with this person. Then, and only then could the new card be activated, ready and legal to use. My rep said it was a safeguard in the event the new cards got stolen in the mail. Personally calling headquarters and initializing, verifying pertinent info on the new cards was the only way they could guarantee the card was received by the rightful owner.

When I said the info on the removable strip of the new cards is misleading they agreed but at that time they had no fail safe way to guarantee the intended owner was getting his/her card. Could be this issue is still unresolved.
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maybe your original card isn't fully closed off. if you got a new card already, check with your bank to have your old card cancelled. it might also take a handful of days for it to finalize.
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I'm actually having this issue with my reloadable CC. Which... isn't good because I have payments that need to go through. I had to buy a gift card Visa so that my account was "validated" so payments from my bank account could be removed automatically (Canadian, not in the US).
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
When the time comes I remove the old card, add the new and set it as "primary".
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Oooh I'll keep an eye on this as my debit card is due to expire next month.
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From what you describe it looks as though the PayPal website won't accept your new card until its active date which I assume is 08/13 so if you try to enter it on 1 August i would think it should validate okay.

I have had a similar issue occur in the past but not the situation you describe but this may be of info as I found it slightly frustrating as well.

I changed banks back in 2012 and I managed to put my new card details onto PayPal and validate them okay but then when I tried to delete my old bank card (so I wouldn't get confused) it refused to delete the old bank card saying there were outstanding transactions on it even though there wasn't any.

Again when I spoke to customer services everything was fine and eventually it allowed me to delete the old card but that was a few weeks afterwards.
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