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Lack of Male Figures (What Gives?)Lack of Male Figures (What Gives?)

Today I wanted to discuss a topic that may have been beaten to death for some of you, but not for me. Why are there not more male figures?

While we do have plenty of male figures they usually come from extremely popular shows, or shows in which the male characters are pretty much the only characters who are important enough to deserve figures. But even with all that in relation to female figures there must be about what? 95% female to 5% male? (feel free to correct me I am just throwing out a number. Now I do understand that female figures sell way more (obvious reasons) but sometimes I feel that for certain series not having the male character makes something feel missing (at least for me).

It might be important to note that some of these characters are regular school uniform type of guys but if you are going to have over 30 figures of girls from one series would it not be nice to include the male character too? Guys do not need intricate poses, they need to simply look cool, how Alter makes their Tales of figures look ITEM #27658

Now I could make a list of shows that should have a male figure such as H.O.T.D. and Shuffle! but those shows do not have many figure to begin with.

On the other hand, shows like Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, School Rumble, Zero no Tsukaima, Toradora!, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, To Love-Ru, Rosario+Vampire, Bakuman, Angel Beats! (just to name a few) get no love. Now some of these have "figures" as in key chains or prize figures but I am talking about pre-painted 1/7 1/8 1/6 scale figures.

My question is why do shows usually not get male figures? I want to know your opinion, and also what male character do you want a figure of?

My "rant" stems from the fact that I want figures of these cool dudes:

#1) Betweem Sena, Yozora and Kobato ALONE we have probably close to 50 figures!! yet NOT ONE Kodaka figure (Alter get on it!! ;))

#2) How is there no Harima motorcycle figure? also I love this art

#3) with how awesome he is, how is there no Saito figure!! we have A LOT of Louise, but none of her familiar

#4) As a HUGE Toradora! and Aisaka Taiga fan I ask, NO RYUUJI?!?!?!?!?! if anything make a PVC of him and Taiga :P

#5) Akuto Sai is the Demon King, and even though Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is not very popular he would be cool in PVC form. OK there are MANY better chracters than Akuto but I put him because he is the demon king, has a great harem and rides a freaking dragon!! very manly haha

Alrighty that is enough for my "little" rant, I hope that you enjoyed this and please let me know what your thoughts are!
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Should there be more male figures?


Male are flat so there isn't any challenge for sculptors to test their skills in brining out the sexy of human anatomy. It takes time to get those racks balanced, you know.
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What really irritates me is when they have 50 figures of all the girls in harems but never the male lead (Like kodaka)

Give them some love dammit ;(

But atleast in Alter we get a lot of Tales of male figures, which pleases me :3
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chibikarla (5 l. temu) #1472805http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mamlrj07Rt1rp7cv3o1_500.jpg
I would love to have one of Kodai
or Desler
I really hope they plan for them after all the Yamato girls or something ;x;
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I don't really have many male figures in my collection since most of the ones I still want are already sold out and/or are very expensive - who told me to start collecting late ;_;

If they would make scale figures of Yue from SCC, and Allen Walker and Yuu Kanda from D. Gray-man, I would buy them without a doubt now! And if they would throw in a Lavi also from D. G-m, I'm in as well.
And I am still hoping to see if MH will release the other G.E.M. males from M.A.G.I. Hope so! *_*

But my biggest let down in figures is that there isn't a G.E.M. of Sanosuke Sagara or Aoshi Shinomori from Rurouni Kenshin! I would die to get my hands in those if they were made.
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I was pretty lucky with my male figure wishlist as I was able to find one I like of my favorite characters so far. Although, there is still one figure that I truly wish would be made one day, but the odds are really low since it's from an very old show.

Yue from Sakura Card Captor: img1.wikia.noco...

I would really like something similar to this pose: i.imgur.com/E8e...

Lots of potential in this one for a truly amazing 1/7- 1/6 scale figure.
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I wouldn't mind seeing the Evolution: World of Sacred Device game series have some figures produced for Mag and Gre. But given the lack of popularity of the game, as well as the majority of fans liking Linear, I couldn't see it happening, sadly. :/

As far as western figures, well, many of them leave a lot to be desired for some female collectors. I'm not into the super hero scene, and those wrestling figures are just hideous xD Star Wars bores me, and there's a distinctive lack of game figures in general.

It's pretty easy to see why female figures are more dominant in the industry, as many others have said, they sell. I'd love to see some nice-looking Castlevania figures, and some Dragon Age, but as these aren't really anime-styled, it's less likely for them to have much of a market. We just have to support what we can in buying the cool male figures that are being produced.
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It's because they won't sell. Tales is an exception because there are so many female jp fans who make their voices heard and attend Tales Fes. Concerning scale figures, you'd have to be pretty badass to get a good sculpt like Kiritsugu, Kenshin, Shizuo, Vash, Wolfwood, The Rock, and even Athrun. Lelouch has gotten a bunch but they all suck.
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Also, bleh I really hope people aren't rooting for generic male main character designs either, it does have to focus on the appearance.
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I would love to have one of Kodai
or Desler
I really hope they plan for them after all the Yamato girls or something ;x;
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
totally agree.
my must have would be a saito.
the only thing I have of him is a keychain and pop-ups from the nendoroid of louise..

and couple figures would be so cute like ryuujixtaiga!

and I also adore nobuo from NANA if he had a pvc omg drooolll
hes so cute <3

or even a nanaxren or such main casts which are more likely to happen would be awesome!

or eyeshield 21 that funny guy .. :p (forgot his name blonde hair and evil smile XD )

and so many more males that I rlly like..
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