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Today I want to share something special with you! The Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box, a 10 CD set containing music from the entire series and movies! 293 tracks, holy cow!

Story: This was listed on eBay for an extremely low price, and it was the only one on there aside from a brand new one for $1500! I put in a large bid a day before it ended, because why not, I thought it would go higher. The next day I slept through the auction end, and when I got on, NO ONE OUTBID ME. Seriously? With the prices people pay for some Sailor Moon items, no one was there at the auction end to outbid me?

But why am I complaining, I got it for $100, less than retail price! Lucky lucky me!



What a beautiful box! Since this is sort of a be all, end all box the decision to use eternal forms is an excellent choice. I've always loved this picture of Eternal Sailor Moon, I find it gorgeous. I love how her wing wraps around to the spine, making the spine very displayable. The 10 senshi on the other side in their eternal forms in a ring was an excellent choice as well.

You can see this box is made of thick, sturdy cardboard. Only the legit Music and Song boxes are made this thick.

You can see my box has COCC on it, which means it was made by Columbia and is legit.

10 CDs for 10 Senshi


These are the backs of the CDs. At first I thought it a bit strange, but thinking about it, I think it's cool the CDs have the senshi in their civilian forms. It shows off their personality more. Ami in the water, Mako the cook, Michiru the cellist, etc. They are really gorgeous!

In the upper left hand corner of each case is a logo representing what is on each CD.

Usagi: Season 1, Part 1
Ami: Season 1, Part 2
Raye: Sailor Moon R
Mako: Sailor Moon S
Mina: Sailor Moon SuperS
Haruka: Sailor Moon Stars, Part 1
Michiru: Sailor Moon Stars, Part 2
Setsuna: Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Hotaru: Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Chibiusa: Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie


These are the discs themselves. There is no front image as the disc is on the front of the case. When you open the case, you see the track list. Such beautiful artwork from Naoko! It's not new, all of these pictures are in the artbooks, but the artwork is so gorgeous, you really can't complain.


Look at all the music on one track! The CDs contain intros, endings, TV edits, inset songs, character songs, and all the background music you could probably ever ask for.


This booklet is 95% Japanese, I would assume lyrics and track lists. I really don't know. The first 15 or so pages are what I assume might be an introduction and anime images.

If you can't read Japanese like me, sailormusic.net is your one stop for translated track lists!


I had a bootleg Song Box once, but I can't stand having not official stuff. It's easy to tell the difference. 1) bootlegs don't have COCC on the front, 2) they are made of very flimsy and easily damaged cardboard, 3) they use the wrong images. www.thegorgeous... and fc09.deviantart... are good (or bad?) examples of bootlegs.


10/10 I know, I know, nothing's perfect. But consider this thing! It's beautiful, has all the music you'll ever need if you're a fan, and it really will help make your collection shine because of it's rarity and worth. No Sailor Moon fan should be without this on their wish list.
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
gksilkamina7 l. temu#1340453Man, and I thought I was lucky when I scored Geneon's Sailor Moon SuperS DVD boxset for only $45. It usually goes for $200-$350. Guess it's just a matter of being at the right place at the right time with Sailor Moon stuff, huh?
What a gorgeous music boxset. And so many CDs! I can only hope to add one to my collection someday. D:

Definitely. It just seems deals with SM stuff is seriously closing. I've gotten a few deals mostly a few years ago, but these days it's hard. But I was really really really lucky with this. And that is lucky! The S and SuperS boxsetz are ridiculously priced!!

Thank you everyone, I am so happy!!
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gksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo
Man, and I thought I was lucky when I scored Geneon's Sailor Moon SuperS DVD boxset for only $45. It usually goes for $200-$350. Guess it's just a matter of being at the right place at the right time with Sailor Moon stuff, huh?

What a gorgeous music boxset. And so many CDs! I can only hope to add one to my collection someday. D:
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How beautiful! Congrats! :>
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Nice score on eBay!
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Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
Absolutely beautiful!!

Congrats! Such a great auction win ^_^
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Wow, one of my girlfriends would kill to have this, she adores Sailor Moon. Such a pretty set of CDs!
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How lucky you are.
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Definitely not a bad deal! Congratulations on getting it for such a low price!
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Ooooh seramu-un... This music brings childhood memories, lol.
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Risayla ◔‸◔
So pretty, I love all the artwork on them. What a great pick up. ^^
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