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traineroflegendtraineroflegend20 d. temu
Nendoroid boxes are $80: www.goodsmileus...

Figma boxes are $100 and PuP are $60.

You get 3x of the Nendoroid/Figma/PuP, two pins and one pillow.

This happens about twice a year now. To answer all the questions newbies to the hobby might have:

Yes, it’s a “good deal” in that you can probably individually sell the things and get your money back. (This doesn’t include your own labor costs of course)

Yes, you will be disappointed. You won’t get some super-rare figure that is sold out everywhere. It’s all available, overstock stuff.
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Honestly just buy the ones that are on sale, they're the ones in the mystery boxes anyways but if you pay slightly more then you can ensure you only get the ones you want. My prediction is there might be Hololive Nendos this year bc a lot of them are on sale and most people that wanted them already have them. Basically, cross-reference the most owned with the on sale and those are the most likely to be in the mystery boxes.
19 d. temu
Miaku19 d. temu#130541969I believe it will be full of fortnite and overwatch again...

Those are long gone I’m afraid. Even last year I don’t think we saw too many Junkrats lol
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I like seeing people's loot posts for these but no way would I risk it for that price lol, may as well get two you know you'd like instead.
19 d. temu
I believe it will be full of fortnite and overwatch again...
19 d. temu
a friend got stuff from the mystery sets they actually liked, but they also weren't picky and were interested in pretty much any nendoroid. they tended to surf preowned amiami and Amazon for literally anything that was $25 or under and buy up whatever looked kind of cool. meanwhile I looked at what serveral people got from the mystery sets and I either already had it, or really had no use for it at all.
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RainbowMint *:・゚✧*⭑✰
I bought one earlier this year and managed to barely get my money back lol. I saw some people pull some surprisingly good ones though.

Wouldn't touch it with a 6ft pole this time. Last time it was only $50. The pins/pillow are definitely not worth the extra $30.
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Wish the regular Online Shop did these. International shipping from the GSC US store is so expensive. It makes it not worth it at all.
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I'm pretty picky, so have never come close to buying any of these blind boxes. Like you said, it's figures nobody is dying to have. Selling newer releases is difficult though, most of them stay in stock/hit the bargain bin so I can't imagine this being a good investment for resellers or risk-takers.

I went ahead and bought two Nendos I've been meaning to get (one 20% off), which is much more worth the money than gambling on random stuff I don't need or want.
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Thanks for posting this. There's a lot of other sales on there also, besides the blind boxes.

One thing though, the statement of (paraphrasing) "yes it's a good deal because you can probably sell whatever you don't like and break even" should be taken with a grain of salt.

The figures in these collections are usually not the most saught after. It's always a toss up with these things and maybe it'll be an amazing year, but generally you're going to be getting the figures that sat in their warehouse for a year. Additionally, these boxes aren't unique so you and many others will be trying to sell the same unpopular figures on ebay.

So I really wouldn't count on being able to sell these off after; and that it's more aaccurate to say that you can "potentially" sell them after, not "probably" sell them after.
20 d. temu
I can't help but feel bad for the people that gamble on these things, taking shipping into account, there's really no discount at all. x_x
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