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I know it's funny to have a 2012 loot retrospective follow not long after a "first loot of 2013" post, but I'd been wanting to write this for a little while now, and what better time to do so than today?

In 2012, I spent way too much money. Here is the stuff I bought in this now-departed year.

In January, my two major (only?) figure purchases were the Miku version of Fei-Yen and black Spartan Mark V. The Fei-Yen is my first Composite ver.KA and aside from the base-- which seemed to have been designed to support one midair pose-- it's great. The Spartan, on the other hand, is my second Play Arts Kai and was only a little less disappointing than the first. I now try to avoid that line.

I also paid for these two with Amazon store credits, plus a gift card I got via credit card rewards points, so they were pretty much free :D

On the video game front, I added a fair amount to my backlog. It came later, but Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey was another video game pickup this month. I also got the third volume of the Sailor Moon manga. Think that's it...

Starting with February, and inspired by my friend and fellow boarder escape_rope, I began taking monthly loot shots. This month, among other things, it was Vocaloid Nendos, Mickey Mouse UDFs, and what will be a recurring theme in this shots: Oreimo SegaPrize figures.

March brought in more Halo stuff! Can you tell I'm a fan? I also got two of my best artbook pickups of 2012, Cheerful KAITO, and my first volumes of Twin Spica, which I got when I heard that Vertical's editions were going out of print. I'd never read it before, but it ended up being amazing.

April was a bit of a strange month. The rest of Twin Spica, a pile of mostly-used soundtracks from one of the most reputable online game music stores out there, Animal Crossing clocks (too many; an order was duplicated), and the infamous Rei Ayanami Matryoshka (which I reviewed here - BLOG #2699) are among this month's arrivals.

The Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-San manga was bought used from a third-party Amazon seller, and although it's in good condition, it smelled a bit like either pesticide or plant food. I spent much of the month trying to get rid of said smell (it's mostly gone now). Possibly ironic smell or no, if you've never read it, it's about cute roach-hunting robots, and I think figure collectors in particular will get a kick out of it, as it pokes fun at certain aspects of collector culture.

In May, we have more Nendos, more Oreimo SegaPrize, more manga, and my worst figure of the year: the Alphonse Elric Revoltech. Though the sculpt is mostly good, the painting is so-so, and the regular head of mine had a small chunk of helmet missing right next to his left eye. He's also not to scale with Revoltech Ed (who turned out okay), but that's a minor quibble.

This broke my heart since Al is my favorite FMA character and I really wanted this figure to be awesome. Since I still don't have a really good Al, recently I decided to go for broke and buy my most expensive figure yet (even with the recent price drops on Amazon.com and AmiAmi), the Al RAH (movie version). It arrives from Amazon this month. I have faith in Medicom's quality, but still crossing my fingers...

My birthday's in June, so I guess some of what's here you can consider "presents to myself"! There are even some actual birthday presents in here! The snacks in the lower part of the photo came from HLJ, who was celebrating their own birthday around that time. The Gurren Lagann Revoltech was, thankfully, much better than Alphonse.

In July, there was that big Steam Summer Sale, and if you click the picture, you can see all the games I bought at the time. The Valve Store was also having a sale, so I picked up a couple of Portal 2 items and a Halloween-themed shirt with the Steam mascots. Meanwhile, this month's Revoltech was decent as well; it's like Kaiyodo wanted to make up for something...

August's haul included an amazing Yoko, a great Dragon Quest book and figure, and a late birthday present: hardcover collections of Duck comics by Carl Barks.

September started with coming home from PAX, where my husband and I got a lot of swag and bought some stuff. There's the infamous Snow Miku 2012 Nendoroid, plus a special edition of Bloom County: The Complete Library vol. 5 that is a story in itself (again, click the photo to learn more).

My best month, loot-wise, was October. Mato & Yomi petits, 20th anniversary Sonic PM figure, my game OST holy grail (OutRun 2 Sound Tracks), my best impulse preorder of the year (Dark Horse's limited-edition version of The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy), lots of manga (including the final volume of 20th Century Boys), Gyakuten Saiban pin badges, the first DVD release in English of Game Center CX, Pokemon, Miku GraPhigs, DQ Sofubi, Nadia Petit, BRS figma... what's not to love?

November was not as impressive, but I'm still pleased with my purchases. Some of this stuff was gotten on sale, and some were more impulsive buys than others. My only disappointment this month was how short Halo 4's main campaign was.

My December haul is comparatively tiny-- but with good reason. We had to leave town for the holidays on Dec. 21st, which means that boxes have been piling up at the local Post Office. That said, I'm expecting the first loot shot of 2013 to be a big one!

Happy New Year, everyone, and don't spend too much in 2013 ;)
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How much did you spend in 2012?

66%Too much!
13%Not enough!
21%About the right amount.
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I love seeing loot posts! (Speaking of loot, my December one is waiting at the post office for me right now, this inspires me to take a photo of it all, or maybe even gather all of my figure boxes as I've only started this year and take a massive photo of them :3)
I've spent way too much this year, so I chose the first option (I don't even want to think about how much I've spent ;_;)
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RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Thanks for the comments :)

escape: Yeah, I'm definitely going to keep the monthly loot shots going. It's been a good way for me to keep track of what I buy.

Atikal: I'm a pretty big bargain-hunter, but other than that, the usual budgeting and just being able to afford these things. I myself want to know how people who buy scaled figures on a regular basis do it...
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nice collection. how do you get all the money for this? ;.;
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Weird, looks like I've missed a couple of your loots pics. I have to be more observant!
Keep taking loot pics, I love looking at them :D I'd be happy if even more people took pics of their monthly hauls!

I think I'm too scared to gather all my loot pics during the year 2012.. all that wasted money. and I haven't even took my December loot. So as for the poll I chose the 1st one, naturally u.u
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That's a lot of loot!!! I love the idea of taking a monthly photo of purchased stuff. I think I will do that this year!
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4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Scary how much one can order over the period of one year. Dread to think how much it was for me.
7 l. temu
I really, really like that idea and I think I'll try it out this year.

Regarding the poll question -- in my eyes I neither spent too much nor did I spent too little (can one really spend too little though?). In other words just about the right amount.
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